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"Deep in the heart of Ironbound"
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A few things occured to me while I was gnawing on my Devils "terrible towel" during game 4 of this Devils/Canes series.
First off, this is best series being played in the NHL right now. You've got 2 former Stanley Cup champs battling it out with a Hall of Fame goaltender vs probably the best young, most underrated goaltender in the NHL. Stanley Cup rookie MVP anyone?? 3 of the 4 games have come down to the wire, superstars like Parise and Staal are flying, and you've got secondary players like Gionta, Clarkson, and Bayda playing outstanding hockey.
Secondly, the RBC Center is getting soft. After that OT loss in Jersey Friday night, whispers of "oh poop, we have to go to Carolina" were everywhere. A deflated loss in Jersey should have meant 2 straight for the Canes down in Carolina. I dont know if it was a quick first goal in game 3, or Travis making it happen in OT, but that arena became human this year. You could feel the nervousness when the Devils were surging last night in the 3rd period. Maybe they just respect our team as much as we respect theirs. That brings me to my next point....
And something clicked for the Devils last night in that 3rd period, a domination has was seen way back in game 1. Crisp passing tape to tape, open lanes, creating havoc, cycling, absolutely smothering defense, and a confidence that can only be shaken by a goal scored with no time left.
The Rock will be electric tomorrow, I can see it now. No really, I can see it now, my office window faces the arena across the street. Look for me in the classic #26 STASTNY jersey. What a series!
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