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"Deep in the heart of Ironbound"
Newark, NJ • United States • 30 Years Old • Male
Lets see, where do I begin. Lets start with Devils/Canes series. Can game 6 possibly be better than the first 5? The answer is yes, but we'll see tonight. We have had everything in this one so far, great goalies, scoring chances, organized hockey, and everything you wanted out of 2 loud arenas. Looks like the captain is in tonight, Holik "The Caveman" out.
Chicago/Calgary: Never seen home ice mean so much in a series in as long as I can remember. Unreal. Just because Chicago blew the Flames out of the water last night, I think it means nothing. They were just at home. Calgary will come right back.
San Jose/Ducks: Who couldnt see this coming. Ducks defense vs Sharks offense. Defense usually wins, and the Ducks will win this series.
Rangers/Caps: I'll say what we already know, Blue Shirts lose today, they lose game 7. But as a Devils homer I'll say this, with Tort out, the Rangers will have a better coach on the bench.

Your Local Devils Apoligist,

Michael Bernard
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