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Game 5: Confidence Man

Posted 10:20 PM ET | Comments 0
Game 5 proved to be the pinnacle of goaltending in the playoffs so far. Ward was better than Marty in my opinion, but what do i know, Ive only been a goalie since I was 6. 86 shots, 1 goal. And that goal by Clarkson was maybe his best goal of the year. Clarkson 2 goals, Staal 2 goals, hold on wait, what? Marty made a statement tonight with a career high 44 save shutoot, and 23rd career playoff shutoot (pronounced oot, like a good canadian would do). Again he will probably pass Roy, aka, "Mr. Butterfly." I wont be surprised if this goes 7, but the Devils have been playing surprisingly well down at the RBC. This shutoot will be grossly overlooked, as it is already, but after what happened in game 4, what a statement. Sunday it is me friends.

Your Local Devils Apoligist,
Michael Bernard
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