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"Deep in the heart of Ironbound"
Newark, NJ • United States • 30 Years Old • Male
Its eerily quiet in Newark this morning as I walk past the arena to work. Im not going to lie to you, I got a little chill thinking what was going to take place later on. A lot of nervous energy.
Game 7 of round 1, who thought there could be this much drama in the 1st round? The Devils need to get straight, quick. Game 7's are about Captains, and Langenbrunner has to have a talk with his boys before they take the ice tonight. When the Devils were rolling through teams with a backup goalie this year, Langenbrunner was leading the way. The guy is a +25 this year with 7 game winners.
As far as the rest of the team goes, let me vent my spleen quickly. Get Rupp off the ice!!! Enough with Rupp, Ive seen enough!! Carolina is double shifting Staal and Whitney, and every time I turn around, Rupp is trying to cycle. 3 lines tonight, thats it! I don't mind that Madden is out there a bunch. He's not an offensive threat, but he's solid in the playoffs, and he'll fill vaulable time for others to sit and rest. That's why he's out there right?? Colin White has had a bad series, if he gives the puck away in his own zone again tonight, or takes a stupid penalty, the Devils will lose. It's that simple. Devils need to dump and chase. If my brother reads this, he probably just turned off his computer. But they can't score on Ward with shots outside the circles. He's too good to get beat out there. They need to cause havoc in front and just jam at the puck. They're not Washington.
A few other notes.....I hope my free tickets come through for Game 7. I don't feel like paying, especially since I think there will be games next week in Newark. My brother thinks the refs will play a big part in tonight's game. "Soft holding calls are key." And lastly...if you watch the Devils on a regular basis, you know they score early when they're on their game. The #26 STASTNY (and a flask of Glenlevit) will be in full force tonight at The Rock, I think I'm in 215. Go Devils.

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Michael Bernard
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