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"Ducks fly together"
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The last time Ray Emery was in the Ponda Center, June 6th 2007, I was standing on my seat serenading Emery and laughing my head off when he scored on himself playing for the Ottawa Senators. (http://videosift.com/vide...5-Chris-Phillips-Own-Goal)

We (Anaheim fans atleast) knew that the Ducks were going to with the cup much earlier then this. With Teemus overtime goal in game 5 at Detroit, the cup was all ours. The Senators were just a little pot hole we had to quickly drive over. Emery was a prime donna, a showboater, the one hockey player who stuck out and could be compared to the winey overpaid "athletes" in the NBA. I've never met him, never met anyone who has. He played on a team I rarely watched except for their series vs. Buffalo and just knew what I knew from the news clips of him being late to practice driving his orange sports car. Yet his series final against Anaheim was all I needed to know about him; and I never wanted him on my team.
The Flyers picked him up and we all laughed and scofed at their huge mistake. Then he was hurt and disappeared. I didnt know why and frankly I didnt care. He was gone.

Yet here comes February; Hiller gets sent to the all-star game, takes another puck to the head, developed vertigo and is never the same again. The exact same time Emery is rumored to make a comeback after his surgery and recovery (which is actually miraculous but Im sure youve head it 100 times by now) and the Ducks are his main suitor. I actually posted to my rarely used twitter account "If @AnaheimDucks sign Emery to play in the nhl, I'm selling my seats. We don't need the terrell owens prima donna of hockey." I was angry. A horrible idea. Ok maybe he will never play and just stay in the AHL. We'll as a sofa GM I will admit I jumped the gun.

Its been a year since Emery had his hip surgery; one that left him stuck in bed for over a month. He didnt even hit the ice until November. One cant even begin to process the physical fight this guy has had to go through and even more so, the mental battle. Sitting in bed 24 hours a day and thinking "in one year I'll be back in net." That changes a person. It teaches you what heart, sacrifice, and passion is really about.

Here we are, March 16th 2011 and Ray Emery is the starting goaltender for the Anaheim Ducks. At this point I'm up for anything. Hiller isnt progressing and Ellis has kept the Ducks in some games but really hasn't given the team the confidence they need.

For anyone that watched the game vs. the Blues last night Emery was stellar. Calm, cool, and collected. It was a huge 2 points for the Ducks who are now back in 8th (although sportsclubstats says they only have a 64% of making the playoffs with the Kings at 94%, which I dont get) but its looking up. Dont give up hope. It'll be tough. 3 games against the Kings, 2 against the Sharks, Stars, and Flames, and a trip to Chicago and Nashville but this is when they need to step it up. The best line in hockey, the RPG, needs to bring it home and if this team can stay in the top 8; watch out, they can make a run against anyone in a 7 game series. MARCH MADNESS!!!

i wish this wasnt real...
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