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"Ducks fly together"
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The Ducks dont get anything easy. Nashville, Phoenix, LA... they all keep putting points on the standings (even though LA cant put very many goals on the scoreboard. 3 goals in 3 games... just saying.)
Saturday night the Ducks traveled up to LA for a huge Saturday night match. I'll be honest. Those are the two teams I watch the most and I can say without a doubt I see no rivalry. The "Freeway Faceoff!" is a marketing ploy. They have never played in the playoffs. In my short memory I cant even remember them playing a game of any real importance. It just isnt there and this game was no different. I heard people talking about "playoff atmosphere!!!" ya right. You must of never been to a playoff game. Its much more balls to the wall I cant sit in my seat and punch my neighbor.
Both teams had absolutely nothing going on the powerplay. The Ryan-perry-getzy line was nonexistent. Did Penner even play? McMillen did have a flash of greatness as he deked around what seemed like everyone in southern california and put it past quick. Yet with 9min left it was the same McMillen who didnt pick up D Brown on the backdoor, from a ridiculous Zeus pass for the one goal that got passed Emery (who I would write more about if my lost post wasnt all about him, I know its only been two games but this dude is an athlete in every sense of the word.)
I watched the LA game last thursday when they got smoked by the Blues, especially when Pietrangelo ripped one from the red line past Quick. Corry Perry was also paying attention. A minute and a half into OT, Kopitar blows a tire and Pretty is flying down the right wing and drills it off Quicks glove and into the bread basket.

Double headers havent been kind to the Ducks this year and a next night match up vs Calgary is going to be a huge test. They came out flying with three goals in 5min to send Kipper to the bench. Yet, as only the Ducks can do, they let the flamers back with 4 goals past Ellis (who really wasnt at fault for most of them, maybe alittle too aggressive.)
This team doesnt give up and who better to save the day then Teemu himself who really is the most electrifying man in sports entertainment history. 4-4 going into OT. Having a 4some of Perry (2nd for goals. this stat blows my mind), Getzlaf, Viz (1st pts for dman), and Lydman (who is still a rediculous +32) Im not sure there is a group in the entire NHL I'd rather have in OT. While this one was alittle different, it was Perry again who takes one off the leg and into the net for another game winner. Im sure Randy Carlye wasnt happy with the effert but if you arent watching these Ducks play you are missing out on some of the greatest games I've witnessed since 2007.

HUGE game tonight against the stars. A team thats always given trouble to the ducks (2008 playoffs?). It should be a heck of a battle, and thanks to the schedule gods they have to play Nashville 24 hrs later. I know every game is "do or die" but I feel this double header will really show if this is a playoff team or not...

quick notes.

That Jamie Benn kid sure is special.

I was going for the Devils but I think they will be a few games short. Same with the Leafs.

Phoenix doesnt deserve to make the playoffs. Loosing more games in OT then everyone else doesnt make you worthy of the points.

Is Hiller going to play this year? Hes along on the road trip... Just sayin.

Willie Mitchell is out for the season, 4 weeks as they are saying? yet a shouldnt injury isnt that easy. Huge blow to the kings. They really need Smyth, Kopi, and Penner to step it up or they will get crushed first round.

Mark my words, the Ducks are going to be the biggest pick for a 1st round upset. I dont see any team they cant beat in a 7 game series...
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