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"Ducks fly together"
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According to sportclubstats the Kings chance of making the playoffs is at 96.1%. Calgary is 5 pts behind them while Dallas is now 6. Only 7 games remain - 2 against the Ducks, 1 in van, ed, and sj, then phx and stars at home. but then this happened...


This is brutal. Your #1 goal scorer (who only has 25 goals while perry has 44...just sayin) breaks his ankel. thats not just a "lower body injury" and the 6 week return estimate is being very generous. Now that justin williams is out d brown is their number 1 scorer with 25-27=52. Smyth is nonexistant. Maybe this is where penner comes in?

Its not time for guys to "step up," sadly its just hanging on at this point...
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