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"Ducks fly together"
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Sometime last september the hockey gods (or the old guys who plan the complex NHL schedule) thought it would be a good idea to have the Ducks and Kings play a home and home for the final weekend of the regular season. Usually this hasn't meant much. In the 17 years since the incarnation of the Duck the two teams have never made the playoffs together. We'll its finally happening, baring some absolute duck explosion.

Tonight at Honda Center and tomorrow at Staples. No one could of predicted how important these two games will be.

Ducks currently sit in 7th, with 95 pts.

Kings are in 4th (clinched the playoffs), with 98 pts.

Ducks win both games, hit 99pts. and the 4 and 5th first round match up between the socal teams becomes a reality. Of course you still have nashville, phoenix, and chicago jumpin and jivin around the standings.

whatever happens, it will be huge.

On the East, things are getting exciting, sort of. The blue shirts dropped another one last night and looked awful doing it (gabby again proved he isn't worth the cash). 2 wins by Carolina and they steal the 8th and final spot. Remember last year when the Rangers lost in a SHOOTOUT to philly and missed out on the post season? I don't think Torts will survive if that happens again. Even if NY pulls out a win against NJ, Carolina holds its on fate. Skinner and Stall grab 4pts against Atl and TB its lights out on broadway.

Lets go Colorado. Please shut the Stars down once. Its one game and it will help us all out.
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