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"Ducks fly together"
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I've been watching Corey Perry since '05, the post lock out Mighty Ducks of Anaheim but I was much more fixated on watching Scott Neidermayer and his mighty beard dance around the ice.

Year after year I would watch Teemu, Penner, Getzlaf, Kunitz, McDonald, Beauch, Pronger, Pahlsson, Giguere, Bryz, the list goes on (seriously how unreal was the '07 group?) and Perry was always the agitator, maybe putting up 50 pts and 100+ penalty minutes but never the all star.

Well here we are 50! goals and 97pts with 2 games left to hit 100. Stamkos is at 44, Iginla 42, Sedin at 41. No one is even close. Granted Sid has been out and Ov is struggling (he had 65 in 07... process that) Perry has turned into one special kid. At the game last night, hearing that building explode and he whole team, especially Teemu, couldnt be happier. What an accomplishment.

Well the Ducks destroyed the Sharks. Emery was solid but has a slight pain? Very vague. I dont know if he should play back to back again but at least one game need to be him.

Hiller is still dizzy.

Ellis is still too aggressive.

Kings clinched a playoff spot! in a shootout of course. that wont help them in the playoffs...
Stoll is 9 for 10 in the shootout? is that a world record? the greatest players in the world cant pull that off. Quick is 10 - 0! Unreal. Except the skilz comp doesnt translate to gameday.
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