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"Ducks fly together"
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so which of these is worth of a suspension in the "new" NHL?

torres on seabrook


or Ruutu on erat


The Torres hit is WAY worse. Elbow to the head. Ruutu doesnt even make contact with Erats head! He goes flying like the was sniped from the rafters. The refs didnt even call a penalty! It was the linesman why called it after the play. To the team who has been diving the entire series (seriously smithson, play hockey. youre a joke)

Yet here come the joke colin campbell a gives Ruutu a playoff game suspension.

I'm all for getting rid of the dirtiness of this league, but there is absolutely no consistency. Hockey needs hitting. Its the soul of the game and always has been but with such horrible management of this league they are destroying the game.
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