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"Flames coverage in Ontario"
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As it was just announced several minutes ago that Mikael Backlund has signed a 1 year 1-way contract with the Flames with a Cap hit of $725,000. This is even less then Roman Horak, T.J Brodie and Derek Smith will make this year.

Backlund is nothing but upside at the age of 23, despite his injury this year and point production of only 4 Goals and 7 Assists. Backlund was a force that drove the puck into the other end and made everyone that played with him better. In an article Cam Charron wrote today he mention the follow stats as to players playing with and without Backlund.

CF/20 CA/20 Poss. Rate
Iginla w Backlund 19.3 17.4 52.6%
Iginla w/o Backlund 16.6 18.6 47.2%
Tanguay w Backlund 19.2 15.9 54.7%
Tanguay w/o Backlund 16.6 18.7 47.0%

This signing is great news for Flames fans as they are getting great value with no risk. I suspect that the deal might have taken awhile, because the flames tried to get this deal done with terms of 2 or 3 years and really knocked one out of the park.

Now at this point all we can hope is that he isn't trade bait.
Is anyone else scare of loosing a large 23 yr old center with all upside?

Can't wait to see Backlund and Sven together.
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July 5, 2012 5:46 PM ET | Delete
Great post! You should come and discuss it within the new Calgary blog so we can discuss it more with the Flames fans!
July 6, 2012 2:37 PM ET | Delete
Thanks buddy! I was writing several a week last year just had some crazy family stuff going on. Keep checking back more to come ;-)
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