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"Flames coverage in Ontario"
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It's official Canada gets its rematch against Russia, but this time its not for gold. After coming through the first round of the tournament Canada won every weighted game that they played along the way. Where does this leave us? We received a buy into the semifinals and a day of rest! Now that they boys have had a chance to recover (and try and keep away from the flu their coaching staff have) they will play Russia tonight at 8:30 ET. Last year while looking like they might steam roll the Russians, the Russians has a miraculous comeback and scored five unanswered goals in the third period to steal it away from us. This time they know what kind of depth they are up against and won't think for a second they have won until the buzzer sounds.


Winter Classic

The winter Classic took place on Monday in Philadelphia as almost 50,000 people turned out for the Flyers vs Rangers match. This was perfect timing and Marc Staal was able to play his first game in nearly eight months to add to the days excitement. It was a pretty close match that ended with the Rangers notching the win and taking the momentum with them. Once again it seems to me that the Winter classic Rivals vs Rivals does work and is something that should continue going forward.

Sens Clip the Flames!

How bitter sweet this game was for me! Luckily for me I got to sit in the VP of Scotiabank's box seats for the match but I would walk out of the arena with my head down. I toyed with the idea of doing a live blog but I wanted to really enjoy the one time a year I get the see my team play. The match got off with a weird Bourque goal that seemed to ricochet off two senators skates before going in. Bourque's goal was followed by a Glencross goal at about the six minute mark, and about a minute before the period expired Chris Buttler rifled in a shot past Auld for his first goal as a Flame.

After this the flames allowed the Senators to take back control of the game and score two tallies in the second and one in the third to send the match to overtime.

In overtime Rene Bourque took a holding penalty (Which should probably have not been called in overtime) that sent the Senators on the Power play. This Penalty allowed Alferdson to score for the win and notch his 400th career goal. In this case I don't know if I should strangle Bourque for taking a penalty or the refs for not letting them play though.

Either way I had a great time and the Flames walked away with a point! I wish it could have been two goals for Iginla as I would have LOVED to catch his 500th career goal.

Nashville send the Flames packing

The flames played a very sub par game against the Predators. After Iginla lit the lamp for his 499th career goal the game went seriously downhill. The First period ended 2-1 for Nashville, and the second period allowed them to add two more. It wasn't until the third that Sutter decided to mix things up a little and see how he could try to ignite this team a little. We saw Blake Comeau Center a line and help notch a goal. After coming back 3-4 and a too little too late effort Nashville put a puck in the empty net to finish them off 5-3.

Game Day: Flames vs Caps

After a poor effort in Nashville Brent Sutter told the media his team were too soft up the center. To remedy this Brent has gone ahead and made line alterations and see if he could drum up some chemistry. Tonight Comeau will Center the second line as he has some experience at center, and Jackman is moved to 3rd line wing and Morrison to 4th line Wing. Comeau looked decent playing Center in last period of the Nashville game and has earned himself another try at it. In Ottawa Iginla Notched his 499th goal and will still be looking to get his 500th goal tonight in Washington.

The Caps are now sitting with wins in three straight games, in which their most important players have all been back playing their game and succeeding. In their last 6 games at home the Caps have gone 5-1 and seem to have the stat advantage as Calgary has lost 3 straight on the road.

Tonight could be a very scary game if the newly formed lines don't click and the Capitals lines do what they have been doing for the last three games.


Glencross / Jokinen / Iginla
Bourque / Comeau / Stempniak
Byron / Backlund / Jackman
Kostopoulos / Horak / Morrison


Bouwmeester / Butler
Hannan / Babchuk
Brodie / Sarich



Will Iginla put his 500th on the board tonight? It sure could be a showcase for them if the Flames are at all serious about making some sort Iginla trade with Washington. Does anyone think this is something that could have been planned?

Here are some of my pictures from the Ottawa game.

Sorry Thanks for the catch B.J. here is this weeks Joker picture!

Jamie Desrochers - Covering Flames Hockey in Ontario

January 3, 2012 3:44 PM ET | Delete
More Olli please.
January 3, 2012 4:01 PM ET | Delete
Sorry dude my bad, I attached the photo for ya! All better? :-)
January 3, 2012 4:02 PM ET | Delete
Nice Olli pic:-) Gonna be scary, see that top 4D? Uh oh. I think Wash are the perfect match for an Iggy deal. Owner should give him a tour of the town today.
January 3, 2012 4:46 PM ET | Delete
Absolutely the D is a hurting unit, God we could sure use GIO back. Yeah just imagine Iggy scored his 500 and next week he is on his way to WSH... What a battle, the love of IGGY vs the need to get younger and better.
January 3, 2012 6:12 PM ET | Delete
Well, I think if Iggy decides, I want to win a cup, trade him now. If he's here for a rebuild, lets get a 4 year extension now, 7.0/7.0/3.0/3.0--Cap hit 5.0mil he retires a Flame.
January 3, 2012 6:51 PM ET | Delete
Iggy at 7 mil for 2 years as part of a 4 year extention? that's not wise use of funds. He isn't worth 7 mil after his contract expires at the end of next season.If he wants to stay fine, but it will have to come at reduced salary. Check Stevie Y when he started getting long in the tooth. He signed for a lot less.
January 3, 2012 7:18 PM ET | Delete
6/6/4/4 that way he's under jbo at least so he looks like the bum
January 3, 2012 9:45 PM ET | Delete
Well looks like #500 isn't happening tonight. As much as I want it to happen at home, I want Iginla to be productive! And to top it off team Canada is @#*% the bed down 2-0 at the end of the first.
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