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Personnally I don't feel that the leafs have missed out on Carter or Richards, neither player are the type of guy that any of us thought we needed. While both are very talented Richards is unpredictable and is still prone to taking terrible penaltied at bad times that hurt his team in late stages of the game and in the playoffs, and Carter is as pure a sniper as Kessel is, and if I am not mistaken both are right handed shots. So I commend Brian Burke for not trading Kulemin and Kadri for Richards, his dedication to hold that second line together is priceless to the players and the fans. If he can add one of those big names to be rumored without tampering with the second line of Mac, Grabo and Kuli then we all know that they will finally have two top notch lines that will be extremely difficult for the oposing teams to deal with night in and night out.

The bottom line appaers to be that Burke has his sights set on someone else and has put together quite a package to get a deal like the ones of last night done. I was reassured when I saw how low the price was for this type of guy and it made me realize that the leafs can match and exceed any of those deals, I am thrilled this morning as I sit and wait for the draft of the century. It's funny that with no real super star like figure to be drafted(so we are told by the "experts" there is more to be anticipated than most years. Enjoy the draft I know I will!!
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June 28, 2011 7:35 PM ET | Delete
i think the leafs are heading towards being a cup contender might take 2 years but look at our farm players back than they were all like 30 and over years old know we have young players in our farm market im looking forward to next season maybe we can make it into the playoofs who knows GLG
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