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If you are like me you sat there glued to the television waiting for the big announcement last night... you know the one that didn't happen. Once again Brian Burke was unable to find anyone willing to trade with, I wonder if i it is because people around the league believe that the leafs players aren't worthy of much. Is Brian Burke overvaluing the prospects and draft picks that he has accumulated? He seems more than capable of being able to determine who is worth what, so why then does it seem the other GMs are always coming up short? In any case, nothing of any trade significance happened so I guess I am just a little saddened that the light at the end of the long 44 year drought of a tunnel, didn't get any brighter.

Now it would seem, Brad Richards once again becomes the Primary goal on Burke's list. The issue I have with Richards is that he will only come to Toronto if Burke wins a bidding war and he has historically stayed out of those types of negotiations. When you really think about it do we really need a player who plays only for money? Look what happened in Tampa when he was no longer interested in being there, his stats dropped dramatically and he was traded to a new market where he immediately became an elite forward once again. I love Brad Richards and realize some of his stats decline was also partly due to injury. If he is saying he doesn't want to come to Toronto then I personnally do not want him here. We need heart and a willingness to do what it takes to win hockey games on a nightly basis. Burke is aware of these things and will likely not waste a lot of time on getting Richards if he truly does not want to play here.

Jeff Greig
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