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What a choice to have to make. I believe that if this combo would get Stamkos to Toronto it would get done immediately. I love Luke Schenn and would dearly miss watching him grow into the player he is already close to being. That being said, players like Stamkos don't come along very often, and when there is an opportunity to add one then you do it. Burke has said he doesn't like long term front loaded contracts because he feels not many players are worth it. I guarentee that he feels Stammer is more than worth it. He should get a huge contract, both length and dollars. With the addition of Franson, that makes room to move any of the memebers on the blue line, I for one feel that Franson is the same type of guy that Schenn is only with perhaps a little more offense to offer. His size and skill are great and the fact that he idolized the Great Wendel Clark tells me that he values heart and effort day in and day out. What do you think, I have heard Doughty's name being tossed about as a possible route for Tampa and he is certainly a good start, I have to believe that the kings would have to add a couple of picks at least to get that done though. Enjoy the rumor frenzy!!
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