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Woodstock, ON • Canada •
I don't believe that there will be any "HUGE" signing this summer from Brian Burke. I believe that perhaps Andy Mac may be an option, but is he available? Mr Augello wrote that he would be a nice fit, I also think that Andy would be a great fit. Not only would he be a relative bargain due to injuries, but he could actually end up being the type of guy that Kessel needs, you have your pure snipers in Kessel and Lupul and then the Pierre Turgeonesque like Macdonald. Forgive the comparison, but that might not be so bad.

Regardless of that fact Mr. Richards is likely to end up wanting too long of a deal for Burke and getting it offered from someone else. So Burke might as weell just go get the next best thing while everybody else waits on Richard's decision, anyone remember the Ilya Kovalchuk situation last year. I certainly hope that the Richard's camp has more class than to drag this out that long, but who knows whats going to happen. I don't think that really helped Jersey much either judging by the start they had. So all in all, it would seem to be the best choice to settle for a little bit less and hope for more, while leaving the cap space to maintain the option of getting that "Big Fish"centerman.
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