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Lindy Ruff did say he would follow the "schedule" the goalies were given in the beginning of the week before the Philly disaster. So turns out Enroth gets the 4 x 6 tonight and Miller gets the cage in Ottawa tomorrow night. I think this is the right move here by the Sabres bench boss. He may not say he meant for it to go this way but none the less putting Enroth in tonight make sense. The fans at the FN Center would be waiting to kill Miller tonight if even one goal went in. Allowing Miller to take the night off to get his head back and then play in Ottawa behind a team who plays better on the road is a win-win. Worst case scenrio here is Enroth puts up a goose egg, then Ruff is stuck with a tough call. Sabres should get the 2 points tonight, Calgary was in Detroit last night picking up a W against a surprisingly struggling Wings team (watch the goalie situation there especially if Miller loses his job hes from that area). The Flames will probably be running on half full in the tank and if the Sabres get on them early they could just pack there bags and get out of the FNC ASAP. I can also see a possibility of Kipper getting the night off with the back to back on a east coast trip. Also another twist to the game is Chris Butler will be returning and Robyn Regher will facing his old mates for the first time since the big offseason deal. Regher should be amped up and I expect his teammates to be as well.

Also tonight I'm curious to see the new call up to replace the suspended Kaleta, Cory Tropp. I loved his game in the prospects tourney in Traverse City and in training camp. He works hard is physical and can put the puck in the net. I'm assuming he will slot right in with Goose and Gerbe on the 3rd line. He has 7 points in 10 games down on the farm and was deserving of the call up. Myself like many others hoped and expected Kassian to get the bump up but Tropp isn't a bad call. Kassian didn't seem ready the NHL in the preseason and there's no need to force him up, Sabres are better to let him grown and play on a top line in Rochester.

I expect the Sabres to come out and try to run the Flames out of the building. They would be wise to jump on the Flames early and get the fans something to cheer about. Getting down early could also get the fans all over the team a good start is crucial tonight. My opinion is the boys won't dissappoint tonight Regher will have his mates ready to go for this one, 4-1 Sabres tonight and then off to the hated Sens tomorrow.
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