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This morning Ruff announced Tyler Myers will be out about a month due to surgery on a broken wrist. A big blow to a D-core who wasn't playing all that well as it was and the big bad Bruins coming into a hyped up matchup Wednesday. Once I noticed Myers missed the entire 3rd period Saturday night I went and took a look at the Amerks roster. Two D-men caught my attention, Brayden McNabb (6'5 225lbs) and Joe Finley (6'8 260lbs 50 PIM). My logical thought with the Bruins coming to town and the Sabres needing to show they are not going to pushed around they would call up size to replace size. Not the way Regier and Ruff roll, they decide to call up puck moving D-man TJ Brennan (6'1 215lbs). Kind of a head scratcher to me the one thing the Sabres D-core doesn't need is another puck moving defenseman to go along with Leopold, Ehrhoff, Sekera, and Gragnani. Only Regher remains as the only defender who may punish you for coming near the net. Not to mention last time glimpse I got of Brennan he was a tire fire in the preseason. By the way for all of you hoping maybe another call-up is coming keep dreaming, with Hecht and Ennis set to go back into the lineup possibly Wednesday Sabres do not have the cap room.

So the one question I have for all of this is why do the Sabres fear size in their lineup? The last few drafts the Sabres have drafted big with the likes of Joel Armia last year, Zach Kassian, and Brayden McNabb to name a few. They know they are small but still won't fix it. Ruff preaches toughness and physical play, but does he really want that? The Sabres to me still seem like they are being stubborn and thinking the 05-06 and 06-07 model of speed and skill work and with the NHL going back to pre lockout ways thats not the case. Before the season I was looking for the Sabres to go after Parise, Stastny, and Spezza, but thats not what they need. Maybe they need to go after a Rick Nash which will most likey cost you Miller or Enroth or Jarome Iginla or Shane Doan. Also you maybe give up a boat load to try to pry Weber out of Nashville at the deadline (unlikey just talking out of my you know where now). The point is the Sabres don't just need a center anymore they need size and not Raffi Torres dealine deal.

Also if the Sabres start to slide with 10 of the next 12 at home so very possible, how much longer does Lindy Ruff and/or Darcy Regier get to run this team? Some tough decisions could be looming for Hockey Heaven Ruler Mr. Pegula.
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