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Wait a Second...

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A night after I was killing my team for 40 minutes of uninspired and awful play in the Bell Centre followed by 20 minutes of dominance and a W via the shootout, I took a look at the standings this morning as per usual. Wait a second...the Buffalo Sabres are in 2nd place in the Eastern Conference 1 pt behind Philly and first in the NE Division. Now raise your hand if you thought the Sabres were playing good hockey up to this point? Didn't think so but yet there they are, and this should be a look out to the rest of the NHL. Wait until this team gets going, Myers is a healthy scratch, Miller is hurt, Ennis out, Leino can't stay on his feet, Ehrhoff looks lost at times, and yet 1st place!

Sabres are staying afloat and winning because of the following players: Enroth, Vanek, Enroth, Pominville, Enroth, Roy, and oh yeah Enroth! The kid just does not lose! 14-0-1 in his last 15 starts, that is unheard of and 5-0 in the shootout. Speaking of the shootout if you haven't seen Brad Boyes nasty shootout goal that broke Price's ankles you might want to youtube that or go to NHL.com. Vanek, Pominville, and Roy continue to build on strong 2010-11 season or start to a season in Roy's case. Kudos to Lindy Ruff for pushing the right button in Montreal and putting those 3 on a line together. 26-9-29 Dominated the final 20 mintues scoring two goals to tie the game.

On the Myers situation I like the call for Lindy to sit Myers in the press box and make him watch a game. I think it will do a great deal for him and hopefully he will come back to form he was in the playoffs against Philly (ex. Dragging Mike Richards out of a scrum by the back of his jersey/hair). With that said be careful here, don't forget you have to start paying this guy 5.5 million dollars next season DO NOT let him sit in that press box anymore, how can he get better if he's watching. You sent your message, put him back out there.

Couple quick notes from practice:
-McCormick is going to miss "some time" Ruffs favorite line with an injury. Meaning call up time, I'm hoping for Kassian with Boston on the horizon but I'm betting on Tropp getting another call
-Hecht skated today but won't play this week, hopefully no more set backs for him
-Miller said he believes his team has his back, only problem is he might not have his job back when he returns.
-Ruff kept 26-9-29 together, I think a good call even though I was a strong believer in seperating Vanek and Roy this season but let's see how it goes.
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