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1-3-1 Good for the Game?

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With things all quiet in Hockey Heaven I figured today I'd talk about some other news around the league. First I will touch on the events in Tampa last night. Someone finally stood up to the defensive tactics that are destroying the game. NJ started it and were successful with tactic the Lightning use and so were the Bruins last season. What does the NHL do from here? If you look at stats goals are done, obstruction is up, goalie equipment is getting bigger (see Markstrom in Florida). The stars of this league are being held back from displaying their skill. Ovie has almost disappeared, Stamkos, Zetterberg, Datsyuk, the 3 headed monster in Anaheim are all off to slow starts and low season total projections. This league needs to continue to grow and attract fans outside of Canada and a few US cities. Putting a product out on the ice that just chokes out all skill and excitment of the game is terrible for the game. At this point thought what can the league. Go to 4 on 4? Increase rink size? Make a crazy interpetive rule? Nothing really can be done, I just hope a coach comes along and finds a way to beat the trap, although probably a better chance Boucher realizes he has 3 of the most skilled players in the game and plays a run and gun game.

Couple other quick comments:
-Dallas Stars continue to surprise me and continue to win good for them
-See above for the Oilers they are being successful with the Penguins model to success
-Welcome back to earth Leafs, they need Reimer back soon, hows that connolly deal working for you?
-I still think the Bruins will finish 1st or 2nd in the NE
-Luongo won't be the Nucks goalie opening night next year.
-This the year Detroit finally falls out of the playoffs? I don't think so Daytsuk and Lindstrom are still there.
-I hope Florida can hold onto a top 8 spot, would be good for hockey.
-Columbus needs to move to the east or will be in Quebec soon.

Who will start tomorrow for the Sabres? My money is on Miller.
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