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Win is a Win

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Last night in Pegulaville City Hall the FN Center the night started with an emotional induction of Dale Hawerchuk and RJ into the Sabres Hall of Fame. The Sabres however didn't come out motivated and resulted in the worst possible start for Miller with a qucik 2-0 Jets lead. I give Lindy credit for sticking with Ryan and not oulling out the quick hook. Buffalo pulled out a Thrilling 6-5 OT win with excellent special teams play with 5 of the 6 goals from ST (4PP 1PK).

Couple things I want to touch on, first the play of Ryan Miller. He was fighting the puck all night but battled through it. Of the 5 goals I blame maybe 2 on him. The 4th goal he way over played and Little tapped in the rebound off the back wall. Also maybe he could bail his team out on either Buff or Floods mini breakaway. Other then that defensive breakdowns are to blame, I hope to see Miller in net Friday against Ottawa.

Who right now is rolling better then Thomas Vanek right now? The Sabres 4th of the night he received a drop pass from Boyes and said enough of this and ripped a shot past Pavelec just inside the blue line to tie it again. Also Roy, Pommer, and Goose are carrying this team right now. If you haven't seen the pass from Goose to Pommer for the SHG you need to youtube it!

If I have to read one more article this morning with Jets fans whinning about penalties I'm going to go nuts. The Jets were very undisciplined and the penalty to Stewart to make it a 5 on 3 late 3rd which the Sabres scored on to make it 5-5 is terrible on his part. There was NO NEED to push Roy who was just standing near the net 5 seconds after the whistle blew. Also Wheeler hooked Gerbe in OT sorry Jets fans it's never called in today's NHL but should be more. Next time Wheeler should use his size and not his stick to knock Gerbe off the puck.

Last thing I want to touch on are the Sabres fans themselves. Last night was my first game at the FNC this year and from section 323 Row 1 I was continously annoyed with Sabres fans. I understand as Miller would say "they bought there ticket" and can do whatever they want but come on. Nothing bothers me more than uninformed sports fans. The guy yelling "Your a bum 44!" or any other comment he felt like yelling towards 44 shows a misinformed fan. Sekera has been the Sabres best Dman the last week or 2 and yes had a rough game last night but the constant hating of Sekera got old after 2 yelling comments. Also what got really old fast was the bronx cheers towards Miller. After the 1st time I think he got it, the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th time was a little much. Especially since the first 3 goals he was left out to dry. Come on Sabres faithful we are better than Leafs or Flyers fans that we pride ourself on not being like.
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