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Well I had a blog half way done and then the Lucic no suspension word came out and I scrapped the initial plans. What a choke job AGAIN by Colin Campbell, I mean Brendan Shannahan. As far as I'm concerned there's no difference in the two. Shanny started off on fire suspending any questionable and deserving hit, but someone got into his ear. Someone reminded Shanny that this is the NHL and protecting the players is not priority #1. Look at the Wolski hit on Alfredsson, which to this day I am furious that was let go with no punishment after a clear CLEAR! head shot by Wolski. Took a step out of his way to drop the elbow to Alfredsson's head.

The explanation by Shanny that Lucic didn't intend to hit Miller are joking??? It is downright offensive to insult the intelligence of the Sabres and fans. I suppose the NHL cares about small market Buffalo fans who pay to see Miller play, because the big bad defending champs are out of the playoff picture so far in a young season and can't afford to lose a hot Lucic. I suppose Shannahan didn't take Lucic's laughter after the play or post game comments where he joked about the hit. Also the most disgusting part of this is Patrick Kaleta the Sabres top agitator was suspened 4 games for a headbutt on Jakub Voracek that caused no injury and was a bit iffy but deserving of a suspension. He got 4 games for also being a repeat offender, which Lucic also was in this case. The absolute kicker in all this is Shannahan says he had a few questions for Lucic and liked the answers. Here's probably how the exchange went:

Shanny: Milan did you mean to hit him?
Big Nose: No sir I swear didn't seem him.
Shanny: Milan don't lie?!
Big Nose: No sir I swear I was skating so fast! He actually knocked the wind out of me.
Shanny: He did?! well as long as your not lying no suspension. Wooooooo! (bruins cheer after goal)

Maybe I should try that excuse in my life, "no officer I didn't mean to run that red light" "No Mr or Ms. Boss I didn't mean to not come to work yesterday". Hm on second thought they might see through the garbage. All in all good job again by the NHL not protecting one its stars and note to all NHL goalies look out!!
November 14, 2011 9:06 PM ET | Delete
completely agree, just wrote on the same thing. check it out http://my.hockeybuzz.com/blog.php?user_id=133534
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