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What next?

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The mood for most of hawk nation following the 3-0 loss to the Pheonix Coyotes is one of shock, wonder and utter confusion. Just a little while ago we were singing the hawks praises and turning up Chelsea Dagger in the background. Now, we have are head in our hands asking ourselves, "What has happened to this team?" I have one answer for you, this team is going to go as far as its leader. And no I am not talking about leader on the ice. Im talking about Mr. stache behind the bench. Joel Quennville insisted on bringing Mike Kitchen to Chicago. Kitchen coaches the power play and the offense. I am seeing a common opinion of KItchen through the effort put forth by hawks forwards night in and night out. They are complacent, lack effort and most of all are not capitalizing on opportunities. That needs to be addressed and needs to be addressed now. With Nashville tuesday night and the Broadway Blueshirts thursday, the Blackhawks can easily see this losing streak hit double digits.
Mr. Kitchen I show you the door. I don't think Joel Quennville should lose his job over the way this stretch has gone. Its obvious his young captain is not 100 %, Marian Hossa hasn't played this poorly in his entire career and if someone would finish I could see Patrick Kane having five assists in the last two games. Its time Quennville throws Frolik, Bickell and his buddy Andrew Brunette in the press box, and replace them with the young desperation waiting in the abyss in Rockford. John Jaeckel the excellent hawks blogger on this site mentioned a few ice hogs that could bring the toughness and mobility that is missing in the hawk line up. In 2010, the hawks went through a difficult losing streak and later won the cup. In times such as these you look to your captain, or your role players to get the team back on track. With the health issues of Jonathan Toews I do not see a player that can do that on this team.
While Im on the subject of backing the Captain, lets reminisce on the one aspect of the games friday and saturday that almost caused me to throw the television through the window in complete frustration. Friday night as JT was going for a line change, he was involved in some rough stuff with the softest captain in the league, Joe Thornton. I have a great dislike for Thornton as you can tell. Thornton right hooked Toews right in the mouth. Eight seconds later came grandpa O'donnell to fix the situation however at that time Ryan Clowe had gotten in on the Toews boxing as well. In Phoenix, Adrian Accoin took his turn except this time it was the other broken wrist wearing the #10 that broke it up. I applaud Sharpie for getting in there but he should not be doing that dirty work either. People love to talk about how Carcillo is gone and how he was a liability. I did not see the abuse of Jonathan Toews once while Dan Carcillo was in the line-up. The protection of our core assets needs to be revamped and it must be done soon Mr. Bowman. But Stan's job begins with trimming the fat off the roster and replacing it with a team with the heart and desire to bring glory back to Chicago.
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