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I have contemplated writing this blog and I can only hope that it causes a stir. Again and again and again, this guy preys on the one guy on the ice who has his head down. Last night he put Jakub Voracek the talented young player from Philadelphia in a body bag. Granted Voracek left Kronwall licking his chops by reaching back with one hand. After watching three or four different angles and pausing at the point of impact I have arrived at the same diagnosis: Kronwall spring boards, and the principle point of contact is shoulder to head. This is a suspension for anyone else in the league. We will see if Shanahan does something. We all know the Red Wing players cant do anything wrong. But as a Red Wing fan, look without bias and tell me why it is okay for #55 to continue throwing hits like this and then backing away or looking for the Detroit police (NHL Officials) when someone wants to fight. He is a coward. Let me make it clear. I HAVE NO PROBLEM WITH HITTING A PLAYER WITH HIS HEAD DOWN, IT IS THE FACT THAT HE FOLLOWS THROUGH AND MAKES CONTACT WITH THE HEAD AND IS NOT PENALIZED THE SAME WAY ANY OTHER PLAYER IN THE NHL IS. T.J. Oshie stuck an elbow out on Patrick Kane last night, lets see if he receives any time off.

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