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HurriKane Season/ Toews

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When interviewed after the second period in yesterdays 2-1 victory in Detroit, Patrick Kane noted he wasnt pleased with his play. Despite his late second period goal which proved to be the game winner, Kane also did a half hearted drive by in the first period which led to the Kronwall goal tying the game at 1. But lets evaluate Kaner's play over the last three games, all hawk victories. Toronto came to town a mess. They were in the same funk as the hawks but jumped out to a 3-1 lead at the United Center. What happened afterwards was the Patrick Kane show. It was clear he was the best player on the ice. Move forward to the Ottawa game and it was clear that despite Emery putting on a clinic in goal, Patrick Kane stood out as the best player for sixty minutes. If Andrew Brunette could score I think Kane ends the night with 2-3+ points. Yesterday in Detroit we saw a tighter game, yet when the puck was on Kane's stick he stood out creating plays and converting a very night in tight goal that stood as the GWG. His play has been elevated in the loss of the captain, who's return is uncertain at this point. Kane is playing his best hockey right now and I would expect his best Tuesday as the Hawks hit the ice in the Scottrade Center to face the rough and tough St. Louis Blues.
On Toews-
I had a conversation with my dad following the hawks victory yesterday concerning the future of #19. If you look around the league, a handful of big names are sidelined at the same time. In NYR you see Ryan Callahan hurt with a foot injury. Knowing the type of player Callahan is I would expect an injury to sideline him no more than a week, however, he has been listed as out for 2-3. Hmmm. We shift to Detroit. Lidstrom and Datsyuk both out with injuries. Unlike the Rangers the Wings are in a dogfight for the Central Division crown. Yet, they dont seem to be rushing their talent back either. Where am I going with this? Well, the Hawks have been very hush hush about the status of the Captain. Is it possible they are simply letting him take time off to become physically 100% for a playoff run? Toews fatigue stood out before he was sidelined and I would assume they are simply letting him recoup for a hopeful deep playoff run.

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