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"You heard it someplace, not here."
Interesting that Mats Sundin will be in Toronto Friday September 5th for the first ever Festival Cup charity hockey game. Certainly they couldn't ask for a bigger draw to get a crowd and lots of press coverage also. Hopefully his presence won't overshadow the charity aspect. There are still theories out there that Mats really wants to return to Toronto to end his career, but might consider holding off a return until he sees if they are going to contend this year. Perhaps, he's willing to take a year off if none of the bidding teams are willing to offer a 1 year deal? I suspect his heart is still in Toronto, but his head is having trouble seeing a scenario that fits in well with the team's rebuilding policy.

Originally posted late June :King Clancy's Ghost says:
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Interesting to look back at my old blogs as the Sundin Magical Mystery Tours continues...and there is no hint of him starting training.
In two separate posts in late June, I offered my inside info from King Clancy's Ghost and 4 possible choices that Sundin might make. Below is the 4th suggestion, which may well prove to be the case in reality.

June 30th: Possible UFA Targets fore Leafs and King Clancy's Ghost Says:
Clancy's Ghost says: "Mats will return to Toronto - in November."

June 28th: Rumors:
(4)This one was speculation, but stated that with Mats looking at getting married, he might pull a Teemu Selanne and sit out until November to better consider his options. Given that this would give Mats the most control over his own destiny, without and backlash from Toronto fans ( he still owns a home there) and would both give him an extended honeymoon and his body time to heal for an anticipated 2 year contract (one and a half seasons) to close out his career. It would handcuff Fletcher as Sundin would be a free agent, but leave the door open for a return if Mats chooses. It would also allow for a good look at which team might be the best fit for Mats to join for a cup run.
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Some times, King Clancy's ghost just astounds me.The current rumor has Sundin looking at Montreal and Toronto. Montreal just doesn't have the cap room, and have already said that they've moved on. Toronto is winning games on pressure and speed with lots of youth, Sundin could fit into this team fairly easily, Wilson could hold Mats return over a few heads as they look to see whose roster spot Mats would take. Vancouver isn't mentioned much, but their good start and open-door policy could well interest Mats.Ottawa is very unlikely, very....as is Philly. The Rangers have had a good start, but leveraging the cap room would be near impossible.
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