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"You heard it someplace, not here."
I can hear it now:
"Not to be out done in stealing the spotlight, Brian Burke this morning announced that he has signed both Mats Sundin and Peter Forsbeg to contracts for the NHL minimum to end this season."

Naw....never happen. But you have to wonder if GMs out there are looking for ways to top or equal the latest move by the Devils.
There really aren't many big big names left to move, certainly not guys in the prime of their careers like Phaneuf and Kovalchuk, most of those names are happy where they are, with no-trade contracts and no reason to be offered up.
We now enter the phase of the trading season where teams are dumping expensive players who aren't earning their pay or guys they expect to hit free agency this summer.
Sure, there may be a few surprises yet, but realistically, there just aren't that many deals in the era of the Salary Cap. So many teams still in it. GMs trying to decide whether to panic and try to get help early enough to help their team gain an edge, or wait to see what bargain depth might be out there in a few weeks when there may be more sellers.

Realistically, there are teams in a panic. In the east :Boston, New York, Florida and with their new found extra cap room, Atlanta. Tampa could use a little help as could the Habs. Even the recently hot Sens are looking for depth.
In the West, it is said that Calgary isn't done looking. Columbus is in Panic Mode, Anaheim must surely have wanted more than Jason Blake to help their efforts, Edmonton could surely use any improvement they can get. Detroit isn't as deep as they have been in many years. Nashville and Minnesota could use a little extra oomph. and the Teams at the top....many of them still feel they are one player away from a cup run, or one injury away from falling out of the hunt.
Interesting days ahead.

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I heard Lou on two interviews today and he said that the move was made purely to get them closer to the cup this year....anything else would be open for discussion, but if they win the cup now, it was worth the trade.
I think he is hoping that it is a good fit, and that perhaps Kovy will want to stay with a winner, but there is a lot of talk that he won't upset his team's salary structure to keep him. I'd bet he'll survey the landscape and maybe trade his rights a couple of weeks early, if it seems Kovy will be chasing the big bucks in the summer.

As for Talk of Ponikarovski going, it's possible, though somehow I just don't see Pittsburgh. Burke is going to want to get either a second and a prospect, or a high potential prospect, or if he can manage it, a first round pick. To me, his only hope for a first rounder is to find a desperate team in the middle of the pack fighting for a play-off spot and offer them Ponikarovski + a prospect like Hanson or the recently acquired Aulie. If I were Burke, I'd have teams like BOSTON, TAMPA, COLUMBUS, and FLORIDA, etc.... on the radar. Teams that could go up with one good trade or down further with one key injury.
February 5, 2010 8:41 AM ET | Delete
Kovy is a great player but I don't think this puts the Devils on top of the Conference. This is more of a "catch up" trade since their offense is ranked in teh 20's. It's a good move but not a great move if he doesn't sign with them next year.
February 5, 2010 9:16 AM ET | Delete
poni to pitts for tangradi and grabo for mueller
February 5, 2010 9:47 AM ET | Delete
I don't know why they would trade a faster skating, tenacious player in Grabovski for a slower, less interested player in Mueller.
February 5, 2010 9:53 AM ET | Delete
I guess one could make a 'potential' argument for Mueller... but when he's play is regressing so quickly... its hard to want to trade a current player on a decent contract for him.
February 5, 2010 9:53 AM ET | Delete
I guess one could make a 'potential' argument for Mueller... but when he's play is regressing so quickly... its hard to want to trade a current player on a decent contract for him.
February 5, 2010 9:59 AM ET | Delete
Doesn't matter where the Devils offense is ranked. They're winning games and are ahead of the Pens and their mighty offense. If anything, acquiring a gunslinger like Kovy, it makes the Devils offense every bit as dangerous as their defense and if they keep playing the way they are, the Pens and Flyers are going to have a very tough time knocking them off their first place perch.
February 5, 2010 11:13 AM ET | Delete
once the playoffs starts it comes down to see who wins 4 games in each series. They should be trying to rest Marty...this will help them. I doubt they would've made the trade if their offense was ranked higher and Elias wasn't hurt a lot this year.
February 5, 2010 11:31 AM ET | Delete
I wonder if Kovy will like playing the trap and defense? We all know he won't hit you or go to the wall after a loose puck. Not sure how long the honeymoon will last. But Big Lou always makes a deal and he really didn't give much up to add a good scorer.
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