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"You heard it someplace, not here."
Deal with Buffalo ? - Doubtful. Other than Kassian and Luke, their players and prospects don't really fit the Burke mold. Pick # 23 might be affordable and interesting - especially if it comes with one of the previously mentioned prospects, in a Kaberle deal, but I expect Buffalo will want to shed some salary in a deal, and THAT might kill any offer to Toronto.

Deal with New Jersey? - I can sort of see this, but again, tend to doubt it. The Kovalchuck trade dented the top end of Lou's farm system and I think he'll be cautious about moving a prospect now. That will mean offering up forwards or role players, perhaps a restricted free-agent. They have a few guys who Burke and Wilson would like, but it won't be any sort of earth-shaking deal if it goes this route. Maybe a quality bottom 6 forward along with a pick, or a great 2 -way player with size. Biggest gain here might be cap-space in a Kaberle deal, though Lou's team was in tight, not so long ago, and that may mean that he'll be counting pennies on any trade.

Ducks - Bobby Ryan - I don't see it. They will trade other guys to be able to keep Ryan, so unless Ryan threatens the KHL, they will keep him. Anaheim stacks up pretty good vs Moscow when you are Ryan's age! I could see the Ducks moving prospect Peter Holland and rookie power winger Troy Bodie, and I could see Burkie liking that offer very much for Kaberle. Especially as Neidermayer is so up in the air, yet again, and Wishnewsky is playing contract hardball.

Dallas - A team that I really think would like Kaberle and may have some forward assets to deal. Nieuwendyk and Burke worked together for a year and it was appreciated the way Burke helped him land the GM job in Dallas. So if there is a good talking relationship. If there is a fit for a deal, these guys will hammer it out. Neither one is a fool though, so there won't be any lop-sided trading here, and money will be a huge factor on the Dallas side for a little while longer. Dallas wants to move Ribero, He doesn't fit the Leaf's plans or salary structure. Not sure that there is a good deal here unless Dallas opens the purse strings a little first for their GM. I know that they would love Kaberle, but not sure that he'd like Dallas. Brad Richard's name pops up, but his salary is $7.5 Million and that could be a factor. I think the Stars would like to keep him, but might look at a deal if they were getting 2 NHL players and a salary savings. Not sure the Leafs could do that. Brunnstrom, and Brandon Segal are two guys Dallas might like to move, James Neal is likely a guy Burke would want. I'm not sure if there is really an easy fit here though.

Carolina - They have young forwards who can be dealt, but little power or toughness. I suspect that they are actually the #1 interest in Volchenkov out of Ottawa. Kaberle would interest them too, but they likely want to look into their number one preference first. The other Kaberle, "Frank", spent a little time there and they got him hoping he would be more like his brother...but injuries and other holes on defense made him a poor fit. Jimmy Rutherford will want to add a quality power-d-man before he invests in a pure finesse guy like Kaberle. I suspect that any interest there will come after the July 1 free-agents start signing.

San Jose - Kaberle there? Maybe. With Blake bowing out, a quality passer on the blue-line could be valuable here. I am not sure who they would be willing to move here and they likely would like to see about their own free-agents before dealing any assets. I think they are really a dark horse.

Vancouver - Mike Gillis and Brian Burke have had some run-ins in the past. The whole silliness about trying to nail the Leafs for tampering with the Sedins left a bad taste with Burke and Leafs management, and I'm sure Gillis feels that somehow, the Leafs expression of interest drove up the price on keeping them in Vancouver. All that aside, The Canucks would love Kaberle on their blue-line. They are team with lots of depth at forward and they have a couple of snipers in the pipeline who would interest the Leafs.
They would probably like a second rugged defenseman if the Leafs have one to move, and Burke has been stocking up on big defensive prospects all year. The parts could all fit, but the question remains about whether any deal would be mutually beneficial enough for the teams to make serious offers. I doubt it. I suspect that a guy like Komisarek, might actually be more interesting to the Canucks after this spring's play-offs.

Edmonton - Unless Souray is moved someplace in another deal, I don't see this. Just for the sheer economics. I do know that Pat Quinn knows Kaberle as well as any coach in the NHL and is a big fan. I know that Edmonton has had a problem with under-achieving forwards who could really use the creative boost that Kaberle would offer. Cogliano has long been whispered as a guy that Toronto would like, but it is doubtful that he would do any better with Wilson as his coach. He might find a better fit on his offensive lines, but otherwise it could be a struggle. All academic until the Souray situation is resolved.

Atlanta - Nobody mentions Atlanta. Yet they are a team who may lose Kubina to free-agency this summer. Kaberle brings more creativity than a Kubina would, and Atlanta might see a possible deal to bring in Kaberle as one way to upgrade an offense that lost a step when Kovalchuk departed. Kabverle's stability in the dressing room and desire to stay in the East might also make him attractive. I could see an offer of perhaps a second round pick and Angelo Esposito, if the Leafs can be convinced that Espo is past his growing pains and injury woes. Else, there isn't much there that is movable. Perhaps swede Winger Karl Clingberg or Bryan Little...though I don't think the Thrashers have the depth to move a roster forward like Little in a deal.

Tampa - Malone fits the Burke mold. Yzerman is very familiar with Kaberle having played against him for years. HOWEVER - With Ohlund in Tampa, there really isn't a lot of interest in Kaberle. It would be more likely to see Tampa make an offer to Kubina to fill any holes on their blueline. If they hope to bid on either of the 2 big named forwards available in free agency, then perhaps they might like to shed Malone's salary to make some room, but Kaberle doesn't really help there. The Leafs would love a guy like Carter Ashton or Richard Panik, I doubt they are in any way available though.

Washington - Semin has been rumored available. The Caps were interested in Kaberle earlier this season. I don't think Semin would do well in Toronto and I don't think he'd like playing for Wilson. If there is a deal here, it will include other components. I don't see it though.

Boston - The Bruins have shown interest before and have just locked up Seidenberg. Chara is in the last year of his deal. The time for the Bruins to make a run is 2011, and I think that they still would like to add Kaberle. The question lies in the price tag. The Bruins want to add scoring up front and there is little available from the Leafs or from the free-agent market. (Especially if they add Kaberle's salary). There has been talk that Wheeler will be up for a raise soon and Ryder is too one-dimensional to justify his big salary hit. So if Burke has any interest in these two, there might be something to work on. Boston's own pick might be available IF the B's can figure out how to clear some salary before or as a part of the trade. Burke is likely wary of dealing with Boston again soon, unless he comes out as a clear winner in September. That could happen, as there are parts for a deal that obviously benefits both teams...the problem is that economics may make it too sticky a deal to make.
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June 6, 2010 6:34 PM ET | Delete
Kaberle to Buffalo for Stafford or Pominville; draft pick and AHL goaltender. The pick and goaltender get shipped out for a higher pick or young player (re: Philly or Washington).Leafs will also acquire Stephen Weiss out of Florida for Graboski
June 6, 2010 6:49 PM ET | Delete
Surprise that Columbus is not there.
June 6, 2010 7:20 PM ET | Delete
One would think that you would make mention of the Fehr/Fleischmann-Alzner package that was reputedly offered at the deadline this year.Helmut, even if the Sabres DID trade a 2nd line forward, a pick, and a top goaltending prospect for Kaberle... the prospect that an impact performer like Stephen Weiss could be available for the likes of Mikhail Grabovski is laughable.
June 6, 2010 7:20 PM ET | Delete
Message Posted
June 6, 2010 7:28 PM ET | Delete
Alzner was key in that offer and that was before the Leafs bulked up with other Blue-line signings. I think too, that Washington may be looking to add some forward bulk after their loss to the Habs.
June 6, 2010 7:32 PM ET | Delete
what other blueline signings are you talking about? Holzer?
June 6, 2010 7:34 PM ET | Delete
Alzner could totally crack the top six on this Leafs squad. He's doesn't play a dissimilar game to Luke Schenn... I would rather see he and Eric Fehr move to Toronto than the supremely talented but enigmatic Alex Semin.
June 6, 2010 7:36 PM ET | Delete
Holzer, Aulie is there and looks good, Blackler looks like AHL ready next year, with a possible fast-track to the NHL if Finger is sent down. And if he ever eats a few big meals, Juraj Mikus could develop into one of those surprise guys.
June 6, 2010 7:39 PM ET | Delete
I heard that Alzner's offensive potential had dropped back and he was focusing on a more defensive style game. I think we have that covered.
June 6, 2010 8:06 PM ET | Delete
A top 4 defensive guy on an entry level contract isn't anything to sneeze at. Maybe having Alzner makes Schenn expendable... maybe it enables Burke to move other similar blueline assets after another season (Komisarek, Beauchemin?). Simply put, accumulating assets is never a bad decision. Having another young, tough, defensive oriented blueliner isn't a bad thing.
June 6, 2010 8:07 PM ET | Delete
Or worst case scenario, maybe the Washington rumour drives up the price for Kaberle so that the Leafs are able to snag something more suited to their needs than Alzner and Fehr.
June 7, 2010 6:19 PM ET | Delete
I really think Kaberle stays unless Burke gets a starting winger or a blue-chip forward prospect. Kaberle for a low pick or a depth player puts the Leafs no closer to the play-offs next year and more likely creates an immediate gap.
June 9, 2010 10:39 AM ET | Delete
What about Pittsburgh? Perhaps Kaberle and kulemin for Staal. Never say never, remember the Leafs picked up Phaneuf. Gonchar seems gone so Kaberle would make a good substitute on the PP and Kulemin addresses the depth on wing problem. Kulemin also has history with Malkin having played together in Russia.Both teams win.
June 18, 2010 7:54 PM ET | Delete
I mean it would be nice if we could trade Kaberle for some 2nd line players like most of the players you listed are, but we need a 1st line guy forsure.
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