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"You heard it someplace, not here."
"The Monster" wants to wait past July 1 to decide - my take, he's hoping to see if one of his favored teams is active ....it could mean he wants to see who will play in front of him, or if it will be a Swede friendly dressing room, or which team will have the most available cash to offer him. It could also be a question of who is in front of him. I don't see Dallas making any Goalie moves so perhaps Burke has a roster move that might influence the decision?
Martin Gerber is waiting with baited breath after having a good run with Toronto at season's end... his career inconsistency has nobody willing to pay much for Gerber - his best case scenario has the Leafs moving Toskola and signing Gustaffsson....likely what Gustaffsson is watching for too.

Colton Orr - a big speculation here, at least a popular one, though money might have to be over-value for him to sign with a non-cup favorite. Careers of enforcers are notoriously short and big pay-days few, though a struggling team may be more able to offer better ice-time and line-mates who could help inflate his scoring numbers.
Neil is mentioned too, but being older, less healthy and having to go back to Ottawa 4 times next season might not make him a great choice unless he's determined to get revenge on Murray for keeping him dangling...my guess is he'll go West for a bigger pay-day.

The Sedins - I'm sorry, I don't see it. Montreal will over-pay for these guys and Vancouver is screwed if they get nothing for them.... Burke has maintained that he won't spend "stupid money" on free agents, so it will take a perfect storm for Toronto to get a foot in the door.

Jay McKee - c'mon....at best a one year guy with lot's of risk for injury. A big pay-cut before he becomes a good fit.

Mike Cammalleri - All a question of money here. He becomes a Leaf if other moves line-up to support him. In other words, Burke gets him, only if he has the money to add some forward size and drive with skill to support a smallish skill guy. I think this will happen.

Francois Beauchemin/ Komisarek/Ohlund -
One of these guys is on the radar, if Kaberle can be moved for a skilled forward or a prospect and cap space, then perhaps 2 of them get an attractive offer. I think Komisarek will head to the US, likely Boston, New York or Minny. L.A. might also be a good fit or the Ducks.

Antropv and Moore - I strongly suspect that they will get a long look from Burke, but only with cap money remaining after his target moves are made. Both players might be willing to wait a week for a spot in Toronto, but could also attract a better price elsewhere.
June 30, 2009 6:15 PM ET | Delete
antropov is not gonna happen in toronto i wouldnt pay more than 2 million for him and he wants 5 so fat chance
July 1, 2009 12:48 AM ET | Delete
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