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"You heard it someplace, not here."
Can you believe it?
Good ol' Ek posted that a source (no e-rating)....is suggesting Sundin may want to play for the Rangers so baddly that he'll play for as little as $2 million. [my face is still sore from laughing at this one]

Never mind that Mats this week publicly stated that he's still wrestling with whether he want to play in the NHL this year and expects that it may still take a while to figure that out....the unnamed source is suggesting that Mats would happily be the 9th highest paid Ranger, in the same budget range as Peter Prucha and Paul Mara.
It just doesn't sound plausible, not unless he's always dreamed of ending his career playing with Markus Naslund... if he were willing to play for that kind of money, as Paul Kariya and Teemu Selanne did a few years back, I'm sure there are other more interesting possibilities than the Rangers. Maybe a year playing with Ovechkin, or Crosby, or becoming the 35th centerman in Tampa's new no-D line-up?
Play in Detroit for $3 million and see just how high the team could run up the score every night?
End his career in Philly for free cable and $300 a game because he's always respected Darryl Sittler as a person and wants to emulate the end of that former Leaf's career?
(snicker) sorry about that last one...we've already heard that he's talked with some former NHLers who've told him that they wish they could have ended their careers with the teams they were longest associated with. Advice that has carried some weight with him apparently and made the whole decision making process longer and more difficult than many would expect. ( Gainey, Sather, Holland, Gillis, Fletcher, etc..)

C'mon....we know by now that money is NOT the prime motivator for Mats, but I can't see him setting up a situation where some player going to arbitration next year and seeking a raise based on a 50 point season is met with a team stance that Mats Sundin got $2 million a year and put up more points.

Or a situation where Wade Redden gets more than triple Sundin's salary coming off what many describe as a very ordinary year with Ottawa. Naw, Mats isn't about the money, but he does value respect for his seniority and this kind of deal just doesn't sound like it would be respectful of a guy coming off one of his best years this decade. Had he wanted to do this sort of deal, you likely would have seen it with Toronto last year where he could have basically given the team an extra $5 million or so in cap room to get him some support up front.

Naw...this rumor is just funny.
I wouldn't rule out the Rangers, but certainly I'd rule out this sort of discount rumor.

Give me a break Ek. Bring back the Ek rating system for these Sundin rumors, or add to the current system:
(-e-1 ) rumor passed on by a zamboni driver or snack-bar worker at a small town rink.
(-e-2) rumor passed on by somebody claiming to have slept with an NHL player/ GM/ parking attendant.
(-e-3) rumor from a New York post employee/paper carrier.
(-e-4) rumor from somebody speaking a foreign language that I don't quite understand, but who clearly said a word that sounds kinda like "Sundin"...probably Swedish.
(-e-5) straight from the singing frog....honest!
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August 16, 2008 11:45 PM ET | Delete
I completely agree Doc, if he was that desperate to be a New Yorker who would have signed a contract with them long ago instead of dragging this into a huge sharade.
August 17, 2008 12:40 AM ET | Delete
haha lol love the new Ek ratings. But yeah i don't see Sundin signing with the rangers for 2 mil when he could do the same with like detroit and some one like that.
August 17, 2008 11:14 AM ET | Delete
Thanks! I think that IF... you can get a rumor out of a singing frog, you ought to run with it. (Though it didn't work out well for that guy in the cartoon).
August 17, 2008 11:34 AM ET | Delete
I agree, nice article! I'm kind of new to this site, how accurate is eklund, does he ever break anything that isn't obvious? He seemed somewhat behind on the McCabe story. I kind of just view this site as gossip, not reliable information and just enjoy it for as a dirty pleasure. Is that what everyone thinks or do some people take his many rumours seriously?
August 17, 2008 4:08 PM ET | Delete
You know, this daily Sundin drama is beginning to get old real fast. By the time he does make up his mind and sign, nobody is going to care anymore. Even if it's a shocker and he signs with someone off the radar. But like Hockeyfan 89 said, why would he sign with the Rangers for $2 mill, when for the same price he could sign with Detroit and have the best chance to win a Cup. But, until he signs? YAWN!
August 17, 2008 10:18 PM ET | Delete
Dude what are you retarded this was reported by the NY Post I repeat the NY POST you now the top rated journalistic newspaper in the US this is not a rumor nor is this for Eklund this is an article with a citation from directly from Mats Sundin their is nothing open to question its an authoratative source.
August 17, 2008 10:21 PM ET | Delete
Any questions, you guys need to do some research before analyzing any stories you are just wasting your time questioning the NY Post it's embarrassing to me as a hockey fan for the comments that are posted in relationship to the article, in addition to the originator of this blog, my god...
August 17, 2008 10:43 PM ET | Delete
Heh, heh, nice bit of satire there. I noticed that Ek today posted the Post quote....seems to based on their unnamed source who says that Sundin's agent is in regular contact with the Rangers' management and that the Rangers have about 2 million in cap space. A simple case of putting 2 and 2 and 2 together and getting 10. Despite the POST story indicating Sundin had written off all the Canadian teams, there have been numerous reports that Gainey and Fletcher have kept in touch. Time to sell a few newspapers I guess.
August 18, 2008 10:29 AM ET | Delete
DAMN, I sware Flyers fans ( dpc0300) you have your shit together. I almost want to run out an pick up a pair of vintage CCM black hockey pants to wear in the office now! Doc you are not only dismissing an article in the post but also one written by Steve Zipay of Newsday. Plus just look at the facts and look no further than the Leafs media guide that lists NY as his favorite city. In addition he has a chance to play with the biggest rock star in sweden ( Lundqvist) and his pal Markus Naslund.After years and years of million dollar contracts why not take a cut to play in the city that not you want to play in,but your girl or family wants to ( Shannahan). If he really or Canada he would have been a hab or a Canuck or just told Fletch "I'm a leaf". I've written about it a few times but I can't wait for the Mats train to pull into MSG.
August 18, 2008 2:20 PM ET | Delete
Sundin for $2m? OMG yes!.. only the NHLPA would never approve that contract.
August 18, 2008 3:08 PM ET | Delete
Heres Redden,now over to Staal....Feeds Naslund down low.....Sundin in the corner...off the boards to Naslund....Naslund...Nalsund holds dishes it to Redden..ONE TIMER ! Tipped in by Sundin ITS A HAT TRICK FOR MATS SUNDIN...His First as a Ranger and the Rangers lead the Devils 4-0
August 18, 2008 8:32 PM ET | Delete
Hey guys, I never said the Rangers were not in contention - just that whole $2 million story. Sundin's agent shot the Post story down yesterday, saying that there are 6 teams Sundin would look at IF ..that's a BIG IF...he decides to play in the NHL next year. There is little doubt that were Sundin to sign with any team, he wouldn't take a big pay cut to do so, too messy. By the way, the media guide would be referring to favorite city to visit (which could mean play against) so with that logic - why not the Isles or Devils, maybe the Pens?My major problem with the story was that it ran with one fact : The Rangers have about $2 in cap space...and then assumed that Sundin must be considering playing for that $2 million. ..based pretty much on the idea that Sundin had not ruled out the Rangers, and a since refuted statement that Sundin's agent was in recent talks with the Rangers. End result - hilarity.
August 18, 2008 10:55 PM ET | Delete
We have $700k in cap space, but of course, it'll go to 2-3m once the rosters are set and people are sent to minors.. I have always respected Sundin, and I plan on getting his jersey some day (as well as the jersey of one person from every Original 6 team).... Sundin would be awesome, but I like the youth movement going on.. for the FIRST TIME IN FRANCHISE HISTORY, we're no longer the old, retirement center of the NHL.. as of now we're the 2nd or 3rd youngest team.. You have to give Sather credit for his post-lockout management!
August 19, 2008 10:09 AM ET | Delete
PwoNYR - 100 % right
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