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"You heard it someplace, not here."
Some times, King Clancy's ghost just astounds me. He told me back in June that Sundin would return to Toronto in November - and that is becoming a very real possibility.

The current rumor from Ek has Sundin looking at Montreal and Toronto.
Montreal just doesn't have the cap room, and have already said that they've moved on.
There's the question of saving face, not upsetting team chemistry, and keeping the small bit of cap room that they have for emergency moves. I don't see Gainey re-visiting this.

Toronto is winning games on pressure and speed with lots of youth, Sundin could fit into this team fairly easily, back with his old line-mates from last year without that nasty adjustment needed elsewhere, though Wilson has a different system and management style from Maurice.
Wilson could hold a possible Mats return over a few heads as they look to see whose roster spot Mats would take...that's probably what's driving the recent surge.

Vancouver isn't mentioned much, but their good start and open-door policy could well interest Mats. I'd keep the Nucks as a dark horse here.

Ottawa is very unlikely, very....as is Philly.
The Rangers have had a good start, but leveraging the cap room would be near impossible. For many of the same reasons that the Habs won't likely sign him, the Rangers are also longshots in my book.
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