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If there was anyone on the Blues deserving of an All-Star appearance I strongly believe that it would be Brad Boyes. He is having a very solid season, leading the Blues with 24 goals and on many nights, he provides the sole offensive punch. He is 8th in the NHL in goals.

But this brings up the question of if Blues were to be represented by one player in the All-Star game, who would you rather have in Atlanta on January 27th: Manny Legace or Brad Boyes.

You can make a strong argument for both players and I think both should have made it. Boyes should get rewarded for a very good year just as Manny is getting recognized for a solid year between the pipes, I mean a 2.05 goals-against average is impressive.

With that said, this year is a very tough year to pick All-Stars and there are several young guys that are having breakout season: Getzlaf, H. Sedin, Kopitar, Horcoff, Stastny. And so I know that the NHL wants to have every team represented by a player and so it makes it so hard for Boyes to make it there.

At least we have Manny going, and that is an impressive feat for a Blues goaltender to make an All-Star team, because I know I speak for many Blues fans in saying that the Blues have had so much trouble with goaltending for the longest time and it's nice to see us not have to worry about our goalie situation.
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If I had to pick one guy to go from the Blues, it would be Manny. But Boyes should go, too. Why in the world does Detroit have four people going to the game? Three of them were voted in as starters by the fans, but still, when a player like Boyes is having a career season, he should get to go, too. There should be a cap on the numer of starters a team has or something, for no other reason than I hate Detroit.
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