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Now that's the way the Blues should play every game. Against the best home team in the NHL, the Blues came out and completely out-worked Vancouver. They were faster, stronger, dove for loose pucks, and blocked shots during crucial penalty kills.

It's that type of game the Blues should strive to play every single game. Despite being dead last in the West heading into Sunday night, instead they played as if they were the best in the West.

David Backes played like he indeed was one of the best young power forwards in the league. He played with fire, tenacity, grit, and he went to the net every chance he had. He took a puck straight to the net and scored on Luongo for his second goal of the night and a beauty.

It's very frustrating for Blues fans occasionally see this type of play by the Blues and wish they could see it on a nightly basis. But more often than not, the Blues have these performances on the road, where they've only lost three games in regulation.

But despite a 3-1 win, the Blues remain dead last in goals scored, but the only thing keeping them afloat may be their outstanding goaltending, which has one of the bst goals against in the league.

Additionally, for some odd reason, right now the Blues seem to be playing much better when Ty Conklin starts in net. Chris Mason is doing all he can, but when the Blues play awful defense against Tampa Bay, Mason can't do it all by himself. Four of six goals were open net goals where the Blues failed to cover the back door man or the late man coming into the play.

I think the Blues are very close to breaking out of this slump and starting to make a surge into a top eight spot to make the playoffs. The goaltending seems to be in place, Backes has five goals in as many games, and the supporting cast seems to be stepping up.

T.J. Oshie blocked a shot with his hand during a penalty kill. Mike Weaver may be the most underrated defenseman in the NHL. What he does for the Blues goes unmatched. He has such poise and stability when he gets the puck, even if he's being double-teamed.

Overall, it was a solid start to the Blues road trip across Canada. The Blues made up for an awful game against Tampa by beating Vancouver. Now the Blues must get back at Edmonton for an embarrassing night last week in St. Louis.
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December 26, 2009 5:34 AM ET | Delete
weaver? horrible, should not be in the nhl, at fault for many blues goals for being out of position or failing to clear the zone, too small to be an nhl dman, cant stand him
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