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A really good buzz cast this morning with Kevin Allen in tow. At 54:46, a question came in from a viewer named Lance regarding a potential Athanasiou trade for Ristolainen. Mike Augello commented on rumors of a Mantha for Ristolainen rumor that never came to fruition. The hypothetical cost for Zach Werenski would be Dylan Larkin, and that won’t happen. rnrnRistolainen is a D man I would like to see come to Detroit. We missed out on Tyler Myers a few years back (the Wings were interested) and couldn’t attract Jacob Trouba. The Rangers make a fantastic pitch and manage to get very attractive candidates to go there. I hope it goes well for Trouba there, as I’m sure Vesey and Shattenkirk may regret turning down other opportunities. Compared to Detroit, though, NYR has much more to offer on so many levels that there’s just nothing that can be done, for now. rnrnIn batting about scenarios, it was correctly stated that Mantha would be a potential overpayment right now. His stock is rising and he clicks with Larkin. Bertuzzi’s name was thrown as a possibility and that surprised me. I’d make that trade in a second. I love Bert, he’s a great asset. But if that’s the ask for Ristolainen it seems more than fair. in fact, it’s slanted in the Red Wings favor and would leave Buffalo fans wondering what happened. I think Buffalo needs more than a role player. rnrnLance’s question didn’t really get addressed because Mike saw “AA” as a typo. Athanasiou is still our best trade chip , which we may not want to trade. By January Yzerman should know what double A and his camp are looking for. Darren Ferris is known to play hardball and the reality tv version of “desperate RFAs of the NHL” will be the only moving story next summer as well. That’s my if. “If” we can’t get Athanasiou for a similar structure as Mantha (and Larkin) then we’re good to go. Forget that if this is a career year for “Greece Lightning”. I believe it will be. Speed plus scoring is current favorite child. Big righty Dman is losing it’s fever pitch a little bit. At the deadline, this move could help both teams. Buffalo isn’t afraid to pay players and upset structure. Athanasiou on a line with Eichel could be ridiculous and fun. Ristolainen could help move Detroit’s blue line forward at an age that sits well with the team dynamic. This could be as close to a “win-win” as you can get. It will still be a hard pill to swallow if Athanasiou leaves town, but it goes down better if you get something you need out of it.
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