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On the buzzcast today (8/21) Ek broke news that Derek Brassard may be going to Edmonton. Later, a different rumor came out that puts Brassard on Long Island. I’m hoping for the latter, and here’s why.

I still don’t understand a couple of moves made by Steve Yzerman. Forget about Moritz Seider, that kid may end up being really good. For me, Valterri Filppula doesn’t make sense, and Adam Erne is still a question mark. Then it hit me. Unless they are replacing one or two other players.

I honestly feel like Filppula an Nielsen are very closely the same player. They even shared the same number until last week (Nielsen is graciously letting Fil have 51). Erne has potential, but does he have that much more potential than Svechnikov or Rasmussen?

I hinted before in an invisible blog that I feel like we’re going to get an influx of more Finnish players. I feel like Pujuljarvi could be a great pickup, especially now with Fil being at center. Help him adjust. Pujuljarvi’s value is up in the air. So are Svechnikov and Rasmussen.

I’m hoping/wondering that a deal could send Nielsen and Rasmussen (or Svechnikov) for Pujuljarvi and (?). Nielsen can do well as a 3rd line center, Rasmussen could certainly benefit from the sheer volume of scoring he’d see in Edmonton. Edmonton is a tweak away from being very, very dangerous. McDavid and Draisaitl scare me when they come to town. They can create chances in a vacuum. That is rare.

I don’t think this will go the way that I hope, but we have this bizarre glut of a certain type of player with young guys looking for a shot. We’ll see what happens. And again, i’d Love to see Ristolainen in Red and White. That seems like a much harder trade to accommodate though.
August 31, 2019 9:35 PM ET | Delete
I cannot see the Wings being able to trade Neilsen unless it is at the trade deadline to a team that wants some depth for the playoffs.
September 1, 2019 5:32 PM ET | Delete
I think his will be an add on contract in a bigger deal, or salary retention. In other words, Rasmussen not making a lot of $ so tack on Nielsen. Both are players EDM could use, just a balancing act on dollars
September 7, 2019 3:06 AM ET | Delete
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