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Worth checking out. When going to camp each year (until 3 years ago when I got injured) it was always interesting to see the teams posted. It helps to have the list because the rinks (there are 2 there) will post a schedule of which team is practicing or scrimmaging, etc. Usually there was one team you REALLY wanted to see (typically had the top NHL line in tact, third line and then a mix of invitees and rookies. Usually top D pairing too). Then there was the second most exciting team (2nd and 4th NHL lines, 2nd D pairing, etc) and finally the consolation team (mostly rookies, invitees and guys on the cusp/bubble players).

This year, Team Delvecchio would probably be the “hottest” draw. Larkin, Mantha, Bertuzzi, Veleno, Zadina and Nielsen are the forwards of choice for this team. Erne and De La Rose could also be interesting. Dekeyser is in this group, as is Oliwer Kaski. Nice mix of our top players and “who knows?” But, team Howe is also very exciting.

Athanasiou is the marquee name here, with Pearson, Pope, Rasmussen and Svechnikov all as “must watch” for people wondering how these kids are going to develop. I don’t know line combos, but I sincerely hope Svechnikov gets time with A.A. it could really help him. Cholowski, Seider, Bowey and Lindstrom are on the D pairings. Mo Seider is going to draw people like crazy. The competition between Athanasiou and Larkin is going to be fun to watch. Those two can fly. No, AA isn’t on center (as far as I know) but i guarantee they are each other’s on ice assignment in scrimmages.

Team Lindsay is entirely prospects (you can see the whole list of players in the link above). I am curious to see how Regula is feeling. Hoping he has a good camp.

Things are WIDE open at camp this year. More than even last year. If a kid is hungry and wants to take a job, they have an opportunity. Here’s hoping for a safe and competitive camp.
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