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There has been a back and forth debate on the retirement of #91. The sad part is, it isn’t merit based. It’s the burn after a bad breakup. Ken Holland help a boom box high over his head in the rain and played, “baby come back” but it turned out that all Fedorov heard was “Anthony’s song: I’m movin’ out”. Bitterness and pain. Enter Don Henley’s “Get over it”.....

Fedorov was an incredible player for Detroit. if Montreal can forgive Patrick Roy, then Detroit can surely welcome back Fedorov. It’s time. It’s past time. Let’s honor a legend and look fondly back on a time that seems more like 200 years ago than 20. Things were good.

I have no idea how much Stevie Y has on his plate right now. He never calls, he never writes, we never meet up for coffee. And, thanks to a PPO, I never even get to sleep in the bushes next to his porch any more. I do, however, know that letting fans enjoy the past success will be a soothing balm an present difficulties. Give out the Fedorov Bobblehead on retirement night and play some Journey tunes. Good times.

This feels like an inevitable, if not long overdue, recognition of a true game changer in Detroit’s history. There are also fans, myself included, who would like to see Osgood’s number retired. Right now they give it to emergency goalies on the road to keep it out of rotation. That just feels dirty. Ozzy may draw significantly more criticism and ire, but he’s a hometown favorite who played his heart out for us. That retirement, though, will surely be debated after 91.
August 28, 2019 8:39 PM ET | Delete
Retire Sergei's number 91. Great player and helped win those cups.
August 28, 2019 10:59 PM ET | Delete
Absolutely. He was incredible
August 29, 2019 7:16 PM ET | Delete
I agree. Retire it this season.
August 30, 2019 1:59 PM ET | Delete
If they do the retirement, what would be a better giveaway? Bobble head or replica of retired jersey number?
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