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"There are must win games in October." - Islander captain Bill Guerin.

Yesterday I briefly blogged on how last night's game vs. the Rangers was "statement time" for the Islanders. The 2-1 Isles victory may not have been domination, by any stretch, but the win over the heavily hyped, heavily favored (and heavily paid) rival Rangers was huge for the hard working crew from Long Island. Captain Billy Guerin basically echoed my sentiments from yesterday with his quote after last night's game.

The Islanders are now 3-1 and the Rangers 1-2. The former is what's important here. Fun as it might be should they continue to struggle, the Islanders and even Islander fans shouldn't worry about what the Blueshirts are doing - not until the two teams meet again anyway. I have a funny feeling that the fellas who actually don the orange and blue already get this quite clearly.

They're focused.

They stick together.

They're determined.

They're built tough.

They're built
- no matter what the "experts" tell you - to win.

This team made a statement last night. They've made a statement in their first four games of the season. They don't listen to the cynics. They don't care about predictions. They're led by the man behind the bench and they've been molded into their current state for a reason.

This team is going places, folks. I've had the gusto to say this from day one and I have no intention of backing off.

There are must win games in October ...

... and the Islanders just took home the first of 'em.

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October 11, 2007 11:47 AM ET | Delete
Great Blog JJ! You hit it on the head about the US vs Them mentality that the Isles have taken on to start this season. They are a tough bunch who play with grit and passion. I am dying to see how they play vs the FLyers on the 13th for our home opener. It will be a war, that much is certain. Great blog and keep it up! Oh..and GO BOLTS! (I am pretending to be a Tampa fan in that scenario...thanks)Nice work. SYF
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