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It Just Gets Worse

Posted 12:20 AM ET | Comments 3
You know, the (1-goal) win over Phoenix did NOTHING for me, in terms of being impressed with this team right now. Tonight's debacle took things a step further ...

A few points from tonight's horrendous effort:

1) Chris Simon has to go.

That was as bush league a move as I've seen in a long, long time. I gave him the benefit of the doubt after the Hollweg incident and, at this point, I'm willing to eat that. Bye bye, Chris. You're as cheap as they come.

2) The "extra" penalty given to the Islanders during the Witt/Crosby shoving match was complete and utter bullsPit! Someone - ANYONE - explain to me why 87 doesn't get EXACTLY what Witt gets there ... I'll buy you a freakin' beer if you can sway me ... Unbelievable ... And, of course, Pittsburgh scores the game winning goal thereafter ...

3) "(Ted Nolan) told us to get our heads out of our (butts) (after the first period)," said Islander defenseman Brendan Witt. "If we want to be in the playoffs, we can't play like that."


This is EXACTLY what I was talking about in my <a href=http://my.hockeybuzz.com/blog.php?user_id=3521&post_id=3556>last post </a> ... WHY IN THE HELL IS THAT WHAT THIS TEAM IS SHOOTING FOR??????? To be in the playoffs??? THAT'S the goal???

If you're not going to put forth the effort to ice a championship caliber team - if that is not your goal - then, you know what? What's the point? Why is simply "being in the playoffs" satisfactory???



Getting unbearable.

This team has EONS to go before I am sold again.

I've had enough.

I'm spent.

I'll continue to watch every game with my heart and soul into it ... BUT ... I'm bored, I'm pissed and, quite frankly, I - as a fan - EXPECT MORE!!!

I have to wonder if the players on this team have their heart and soul into the ultimate goal.

Doubt it. The organization certainly doesn't show it.

That's all from me ... I need a time out ...

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December 16, 2007 12:51 AM ET | Delete
Grit? sure... Character? okay... Heart? ....HAH! I agree with everything you've said, but I'm sure if I wrote it there would be a few more expletives lol. This is becoming a joke, and Simon needs to retire. I think Kip Brennan would be a good replacement... good blog
December 16, 2007 10:36 AM ET | Delete
I'm just going for the beer here, but the explanation is simple, JJ...He's Sidney Crosby. He gets away with more BS than any player in the league because of it. If a guy like Trent Hunter mouthed off to the refs as much as Sid does, he'd be leading the league in penalties...just because he is not Sid.
December 16, 2007 12:39 PM ET | Delete
Welcome to the life of a Leafs fan.
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