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From Freddy Meyer's Witt-esque crunch on Jason Spezza to Rick DiPietro's near-miss empty netter, that was as complete a hockey game as the Islanders have played all season.

Of course, Ottawa fans and Islander haters alike will protest that the Sens were coming off a highly emotional contest against the Detroit Red Wings the night before and that they were without Dany Heatley and whatever else they can come up with.

And, once again, I realize that this is but one single, solitary game in a season of 82 but, in a season where I have admittedly been bored to tears at times, there was much to be happy about last night.

Meyer's hit, DiPietro time and again, Blake Comeau's play, Mike Comrie completely undressing Wade Redden, lowering his shoulder, driving to the net and scoring a sweet goal, MAB's pair of power play tallies, Ricky's almost goal in the waning seconds ... there were a slew of really positive signs last night.

Of course, this is all on the heels of the potentially devastating injury to Brendan Witt - nothing defnitive there yet - though Mr. Meyer has been excellent thus far in his place. Still, just when I've been oh so close to counting them out, this team continues to battle through everything it faces.

Here's to that continuing!


I mentioned this in a <a href=http://my.hockeybuzz.com/blog.php?user_id=3521&post_id=3819>blog last week</a> but it's worth bringing up again. Saturday night's home game against the Philadelphia Flyers is dubbed as Town of Hempstead Night and there is a grass roots movement, <a href=http://www.lilighthouse.com>The Long Island Lighthouse Supporters</a>, gaining steam in support of Charles Wang and RexCorp's Lighthouse Project, that will be doing all they can to make Kate Murray (Hempstead's Presiding Supervisor, who will be dropping the ceremonial first puck) and the rest of Hempstead aware that they are fully behind the project and are eager for it to begin.

Without a Coliseum overhaul, questions about the future of the Islanders on Long Island will need to be addressed and, clearly, we don't want it to get even that far.

If you can make the game, by all means, do so. And wear your colors, bring signs and prepare to scream for the team and for the Lighthouse. The fans are the only major group that have yet to be heard from regarding this undertaking. The powers that be need to know that we support the project.

If not, please visit the <a href=http://www.lilighthouse.com>Long Island Lighthouse Supporters web site</a> and do what you can to aid the cause!

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January 14, 2008 3:42 PM ET | Delete
Jon, are you going to be there? I know you are in Florida now. I know I will and I will be out there screaming for both the Isles and the Lighthouse project. We need this team to stay on LI forever and this project will pretty much ensure it.LETS GO ISLANDERS!!!
January 14, 2008 6:27 PM ET | Delete
I am flying up to LI on Friday and, yes, I will be in the house (in the Blog Box) Saturday night! :)
January 15, 2008 1:57 PM ET | Delete
Let's Go Islanders! I'll be there with my family. I'm trying to get my kids to make signs in support of the Lighthouse Project.
January 18, 2008 2:58 PM ET | Delete
While I think the Hempstead Night is important, let's not get crazy and say this is for the future of the franchise. We have a $20 million dollar TV contract that will not be matched anywhere that doesn't expire until something like 2032 (the ONE good thing Spano did). We all know we need a new collessium, but it's not going to take one night to get it done.
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