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This just in, thanks to an Islanders official statement and <a href=http://www.newsday.com/sports/hockey/islanders/ny-spisles1218,0,2717190.story>Newsday.com</a>:

Isles owner Charles Wang:

"The actions of Chris Simon on Saturday do not reflect what the New York Islanders stand for. They were reckless, potentially dangerous and against out team concept of grit, character, and heart. The Islanders are going to provide some time for Chris away from the team and give him the counseling he needs and the compassion he deserves. When Chris is completely ready, he will be a member of our team again."

Chris Simon himself:

"I want to start off by making it clear that there is no excuse for my actions on Saturday night and I apologize to everyone involved. The Islanders and I agree that the right thing to do is for me to take some time away from the team. I have enjoyed a long career achieving my dream of being a player in the National Hockey League, and I'm proud of my accomplishments, but I acknowledge that time and assistance is needed before I return to the game."

A wise move by the team but I am leery of Wang's, "When Chris is completely ready, he will be a member of our team again," comment.

Hopefully the league will make sure that this can't happen any time soon.

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Hopefully the league will make sure that this can't happen any time soon. Lockout Service
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