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Howard Berger, you have my utmost support.

Wade Belak, you do too.

If Sean Avery did, in fact, make comments directed at Jason Blake regarding his battle with cancer, bigger questions still remain.

(For the record, I have <i><b>no </b></i>reason to believe that he <i><b>didn't</b></i> make these comments, considering the source(s) on two levels ... one, it came from Mr. Berger, whose reputation speaks for itself and two, it "allegedly" came from Mr. Avery, whose reputation <i><b>also </b></i>speaks for <i><b>itself</b></i>.)

So ... what, exactly, is Avery trying to do?

Does he want <i><b>everyone </b></i>in the league - players, coaches, managers and fans alike - to absolutely <i><b>loathe </b></i>his very <i><b>existence</b></i>?

Does he <i><b>really </b></i>want to put himself in a situation where he has to threaten a libel suit against a well-respected hockey journalist?

Does he <i><b>really </b></i>think that there is <i><b>anyone </b></i>who will give him the benefit of the doubt at this point, given his own bigoted (<i>hey there, French-Canadian friends!</i>, libelous (<i>howdy, Mr. Laraque!</i> past?

Belak is right ... someone <i><b>is </b></i>going to try to "kill" this guy at some point. And, you know what? I can't say that I'll blame him when that does happen.

I'll say one thing, this puke just may draw some ratings for that overrated, overpaid team of his. I can tell you that I'll have one of my two hockey-dedicated TVs tuned in to as many Ranger games as I can, hoping to catch justice served right in front of my eyes.

When I played, I always said, "Let the other guy say whatever he wants. It won't bother me." Truthfully, it never did.

But there's a line ... there is <i><b>most definitely </b></i>a line ...

You don't get personal ... and he's done it many times before.

Mr. Berger, stick to your guns. I have faith in your work.

Mr. Avery, go ahead and stick to yours too. I have faith in the collective integrity of the National Hockey League and its players.

You'll get yours, pal ... and I can't wait to see it ...

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November 17, 2007 11:29 AM ET | Delete
If possible, Jon, try to hyperlink to the story you're talking about since I'm not sure exactly what Avery said. If it's about Blake and his cancer, there really is something wrong there.
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