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Back to Fandom

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It was an honor and a privilege to be selected as an inaugural member of the NYI Blog Box over a year ago. It was an absolute thrill to be asked to pen the debut feature on Ruslan Fedotenko's signing with the Islanders. As the only member of the bunch outside of the state of New York, it was a classy move for the organization I grew up loving simply to include me in the first place.

But with more and more of my blogging focus devoted solely to my Tampa Bay Lightning coverage here at Hockeybuzz and the extra time and effort I'll be giving to that team this season, I've decided to resign from the Blog Box crew and return to my previous status as a "Regular Joe" Isles fan, something I'm actually very much looking forward to.

I trust that the powers that be will fill my spot among my Blog Box colleagues with a passionate local fan who will devote his or her work to adding yet another angle to their already fantastic Isles coverage.

So, while I'll be giving my all to the Lightning as I continue to pursue some other hopes and dreams of mine, I'll always remain, deep down, an Islander at heart.

It's time to return to the simplicity of regular Islander fandom (though most of my game-watching will come DVR-style, after I return home from Lightning home games, of course.)

Thank you to The BlogFather, Chris Botta, returning soon at NYI Point Blank, Corey Witt, the entire Islanders organization and, of course, the NYI Blog Boxers themselves, led by our very own B.D. Gallof - the golden standard for Islander bloggers everywhere, in my opinion.

The honor and pleasure was all mine.

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