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So says Islander defenseman Radek Martinek.

This was Martinek's response to how he was told to react to Sean Avery's constant yapping, as he experienced last night in the Islanders 2-1 win over the Rangers at Madison Square Garden. Perhaps it's something even I should take into consideration.

Martinek has long been a favorite of mine. In fact, I'd call him one of the most underrated d-men in the entire NHL. Injuries have limited his opportunity to grow as a player and yet he has still shown marked improvement each and every year.

His most recent gem of a quote is endearing, sure, but 'Marty' got himself a fan for life in Mr. Jon Jordan way back in 2001-02 when, after being selected first star of the game for a home win against Carolina, he performed a full victory lap around the Coliseum ice, blowing kisses and all, rather than the traditional half-circle, wave and I'm outta here routine. That was a classic moment from a classic season that is too often forgotten by the casual fan.

Of course, regarding his recent quip about Avery, what the Czech native was trying to say was, "In one ear and out the other," but the message remains. Ignore him. Completely. That's right, Rick DiPietro ... you too ... and I will as well.

I'll admit, I flipped my lid a bit last week when I went off on Avery for his alleged cancer-related comments towards Jason Blake (though my thoughts on Avery being bad for the league overall remain the same.) My reaction was not unlike the player that retaliates to Avery's antics - probably exactly what he wanted - the other guy going over the edge. Oh well, water under the bridge, I suppose. (And there really is no such thing as bad publicity! 250+ comments! That's Ek-like!)

Really, Brendan Witt summed up the only healthy and productive way to deal with Avery when asked about him by Deb Kaufman prior to the start of the second period.

"That's just Sean doing what he does. You just have to ignore him."


As Radek said, "One ear inside, other ear outside."

Couldn't have said it better myself.

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November 20, 2007 2:44 PM ET | Delete
Seemed to work Jon, as Avery sat in the box last night for 8 mintues. He'll be avenged! ;) Good blog!
November 20, 2007 4:21 PM ET | Delete
Ah, the Martinek victory lap! I was laughing my a$$ off after that game. Wasn't that his first NHL goal to win that game in OT? And the crowd just kept on cheering and cheering as he made his way around. Good times. Anyway, Avery got his, including 8 pm's and a right cross to the skull by DP. Great win last night.Nice blog.
November 21, 2007 1:13 PM ET | Delete
That comment was absolutely hilarious. Avery is a real @$$hole. He kinda reminds me of Ty Domi (sp?) when he was the Dennis Rodman of the NHL in terms of being physical and chattery for the Rangers and Toronto.What a great win for the Isles in MSG to shut the Ranger fans up. I forgot how heated this rivalry is but it brings me back to when I was pissed when the Rangers won in 1994.I can't wait for the Isles Hockey Blog Talk Radio shows (NY Hockey Talk
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