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The upcoming Islanders home game on January 19th against the Philadelphia Flyers could turn out to be a very important night in team history. (And, no, not just because I'll be making the trip up for my first home game of the year either!) The Islanders are promoting this evening as "Town of Hempstead Night" and <a href=http://www.townofhempstead.org/content/tb/supervisor.html>Kate Murray, the Presiding Supervisor of the town of Hempstead</a>, will be dropping the ceremonial first puck.

This is an opportunity for Islander fans to get behind the proposed "Lighthouse Project" - the renovation of the existing Nassau Coliseum and the development of the surrounding area into Charles Wang and RexCorp's ultimate sports, business and entertainment vision: <a href=http://lighthouseli.com>The Lighthouse at Long Island</a>. Your support is crucial, on this evening especially, as Hempstead will be a key player in the ultimate approval of the project.

The Lighthouse Project will not only give a much-needed facelift to the Coliseum itself, energizing the team and invigorating fans for years to come, but will also do the same for the surrounding community and all of Long Island with jobs, entertainment, benefits and revenue. The Lighthouse, ultimately, will be Long Island's most iconic landmark.

Islander fans, I urge you to attend this game, wear your colors, bring banners, get loud ... support The Lighthouse.

In addition to attending the game, or en lieu of if you are unable, a grass roots community organization, <a href=http://www.lilighthouse.com>Long Island Lighthouse Supporters</a>, has recently been launched to show their enthusiasm and support for the project. On the web site, <a href=http://www.lilighthouse.com>www.lilighthouse.com</a>, you will find the purpose behind the organization, links to the <a href=http://www.lighthouseli.com>offical web site of The Lighthouse</a>, a schedule of important events, contact information for the town of Hempstead council members, including Ms. Murray, and even formatted starter letters to the council members and the Presiding Supervisor that make showing your support as easy as printing the letters out, signing your name and sticking them in the mailbox.

Please, take a second and visit <a href=http://www.lilighthouse.com>the site</a> for more information today.

It's no secret that the Islanders are in dire need of significant improvements to the NVMC, for the well-being of the players, morale of the fans and the attraction of future free agents. The Coliseum facelift portion of the project could end up being a complete facelift for the entire organization. The future of the franchise on Long Island may ultimately hinge on the development of The Lighthouse!

We have seen, time and again, as recently as the Save the Predators rally in Nashville, that community support is an absolutely vital piece to the sustenance of a franchise. Islander fans have always been steadfast in supporting their team when they've needed it most.

Continue that tradition by visiting the <a href=http://www.lilighthouse.com>Long Island Lighthouse Supporters web site</a> today and show your support on Saturday, January 19th against the Flyers.

Every Island needs a lighthouse!

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January 8, 2008 3:50 PM ET | Delete
Time for the county to listen to WANGSTER! Building needs an over haul. Even Rangers fans vote for that one.
January 8, 2008 4:28 PM ET | Delete
Theres a lightohouse at Montauk..this organization has a better chance of being sold to Las Vegas then they have of renivating the Coliseum.
January 8, 2008 5:37 PM ET | Delete
Nice post JJ!If I'm understanding everything correctly, the County has done their share, and now everything rests in the hands of Al D'amato err the Hempstead Township. Lets hope they don't drag their rears in this, and move forward!As far as Mr. Ray97 goes, I personally think you should worry more about your grammar than where the Isles will be playing in a few years - just a suggestion mind you.....RayB
January 9, 2008 11:41 AM ET | Delete
If the Islanders ever moved out of NY, the Rangers fans would be lost. Who would they hate? The Devils? The Sabres? Riiiight.I did not realize that the 01/19 game was Support The Lighthouse night! I'm gonna be there... and now I just might bring a sign or two in support of the project. I hope that they get this project moving in the next year!! We need it.
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