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Best of the Brothers

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When you look across the rosters in the NHL, it's remarkable to note just how many brothers there are suited up in the NHL these days. A quick glance at some of the European Olympic rosters next week with demonstrate just how prevalent the family ties have become: Sedins, Ruutus, Koivus, Lundqvists, Kostitsyns, Hossas, and the list goes on. With all the blood connections in the league these days, it's hardly even noteworthy to see two brothers face off against each other. So, the question remains, which set of the brothers represent the best pair (or trio) in the NHL today? Here are my picks, brother:

9. Kostitsyns (Sergei / Andrei)
Though it's questionable if both brothers will remain in the NHL for long, they're the 2nd best duo playing on the same roster.

8. Kronwalls (Henrik / Staffan)
The Swedish defensemen are two of the hardest hitting players in the league today.

7. Michaleks (Zbynek / Milan)
Though they play different positions, these big Czech players are still emerging as stars in the league.

6. Millers (Ryan / Drew)
The only goalie / skater combo on the list (since Joel Lundqvist left the NHL). Ryan obviously carries the weight for these two.

5. Ruutus (Tuomo / Jarkko)
Imagine the scrums at the table with these kids growing up. Most irritating (and fun to watch) pair on the list. Tuomo is an all-around good player.

4. Niedermeyers (Scott / Rob)
This may be the last season for both of these long-tenured players. One's heading for the Hall of Fame, the other is a fine role player in his own right. Most Cups on this list by far.

3. Koivus (Saku / Mikko)
The Koivu brothers will be key contributors to team Finland over the next couple of weeks. Both are complete players and great leaders. Mikko's a little more deadly with his shot.

2. Sedins (Henrik / Daniel)
Though they've never played on separate teams, Henrik proved this season that he can survive (and thrive) without his twin. Hard to imagine them in different sweaters. The Sedins may ultimately do battle with the likes of the Espositos, Stastnys, Sutters and Savards as one of the best sets of bros of all time.

1. Staals (Eric, Jordan / Marc)
Much like the Sedins, the story of the Staals is quickly becoming legendary. With one more on the way, they could rival the Sutters for sheer quantity of NHL stars. Eric is already a superstar with a Cup to his name. Jordan also wears a Stanley Ring and would be a #1 center in almost any town but Pittsburgh. Marc is a steady presence on the New York blue line, and youngster Jared's fate is yet to be determined. All told, the Staal family crest gets the top spot for best brothers in the league today.

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