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Last summer, Lou Lamoriello decided to take player Zach Parise to arbitration, which was the beginning of the end of Parise's tenure in New Jersey. The eventual one-year-deal signed left Parise opened to unrestricted free agency next season with 30 potential suitors as he's one of the most coveted forwards in the league. Who wouldn't want this guy in front of their net, screening goaltenders and having a slick stick?

It wouldn't have been a problem had the Devils been doing all right financially, but as it stands, they've been struggling as a franchise, which may force Parise to be dealt. These woes will turn New Jersey into a budget team unless a new owner comes in a-la Pegula and decides the franchise can spend a little more than it earns. Whatever Hutt walks in to take the job...

But now this forces New Jersey to let him go or take the risk in keeping him, making a last playoff push with Parise as their team captain, perhaps maybe giving Parise a taste of a possible Cup-Contender. If the Devils made it to the third round of the playoffs this year, Parise would likely feel comfortable about playing for this franchise at we'll say seven million a season over seven years. Something that would leave me rather jubilant to be a fan of this franchise.

But even then, that's IF the Devils organization has their money issues sorted by the middle of February, or so rumour has it. So it's essentially the most important five months of the Devils organization ever...

So this article speculates on the prospect that Parise is dealt. Where should he go? What would be his price?

First, the price:
1) A first round pick, this is a given (preferably from a team on the fringes, rather than a team that's headed straight for the finals).
2) A young player with some promise (a former first round pick, last two years).

OR: (+salary dump like Volchenkov or Tallinder)
1) An semi-established young player
2) A 2nd rd pick or lower prospect.

So what kind of player would they be looking for?
Half-n-half shut down defensemen (part offense, part defense)> winger good at managing the puck> goaltender> center

Trade possibilities, level of * determines the likelihood.

Washington ***
- Have depth
- Would love any player that plays well in the playoffs
- Within conference

Toronto **
- Some depth
- Seeking playoff performer
- Parise linked to Burke and Wilson on silver winning team US
- May not make playoffs
- Within conference
- Think of Russell Peter's China/India joke... Burke can't live without a bargain, Lou will never give you a bargain.

Vancouver **
- Some depth
- He would probably fit better than Burrows on their top line
- Unbalanced forward salaries (might not be able to re-sign)
- Doesn't strike me as a renting team

San Jose ***
- Depth
- Make their top six deadly
- Price might be too high for them

Nashville ****
- Plenty of Depth
- Exact need for a scoring/game breaking winger
- Might need to give up a good prospect.
- May have contract issues.

Los Angeles **
- Need the offense
- Forward line is cluttered
- Might cost too much for them.

Colorado **
- Good fit for Parise
- Budget team
- No first round pick to dangle

Dallas **
- Could still use forward help
- Budget team
- Might not afford the cost

Minnesota ***
- Really good chance to re-sign
- Home state
- Might cost too much

Ultimately, if Parise gets moved, I believe all of these teams would show interest in a trade, but only a few of them would actually make serious offers (Minnesota and Nashville... maybe Toronto).
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