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Icky Zidlicky

Posted 1:58 PM ET | Comments 6
"Look for the Devils to do something this trade deadline."

Take on a four million dollar contract next season for a player who's worth about one million, given he's an awesome -6, scored zero goals, and racked up a whole 14 assists. Any defenseman can put up fourteen assists in the NHL, all they have to do is ice the puck out of the zone.

Those are about the same numbers most the Devils defensemen right now have posted, and they're not power play quarterbacks... uhm, supposedly?

No, in order for you to qualify as a power play quarterback, you have to have at least a point every two games. That means that if he played 41 games, he should have at least 21 points, and let's say 66% of them (14) on the power play. That's a power play quarterback. What the DEVILS picked up, costing them a second round (it's not going to cost them a third rounder unless he picks up a REAL d-man) and future fourth liners and third liners (more importantly, strapping their team with more unnecessary salary) is a guy who was a power play quarterback... you know... once upon a time. He's now a pretender, offensive liability, defensive liability, and someone who might conflict with others in the dressing room at the cost of four million dollars on a team that desperately needs to re-sign its captain over the summer.

I'd love to play defense for New Jersey; it's the most overpaid work in the NHL right now. They have a combined 78ish points and are a combined -10, and cost 25 million dollars. Colorado's have a combined 88ish points, are a combined -16 (0 if you kick Hejda off the team) and cost all of 12 million. Yes, the stats might be a little funky, but the point will still stand. (And this wasn't counting Quincy)

Deboer might also consider taking a few practices to get them working in the playoff circle; that performance against a tired Vancouver team (5th game this week?!) who's playing their back-up goaltender was absolutely brutal. On a good night, Vancouver would have beat them 5-0 without breaking a sweat with the way Jersey was playing. They're way better than that, and they really had something to prove last night against the best team in the league right now, and came out absolutely flat.

Uncle Lou, Ponikarovsky was a good pick-up... I'm afraid I can't defend you on this one. Zidlicky was not worth the second round pick ALONE. NOW they have to fix their defense. How are they going to do it? And they better not fricken send Taormina (who actually DOES all the things you THINK Zidlicky can do except maybe the PP stuff) back to the minors to make room for THIS guy.

Really, what moves are there left to make? This guy has a 10% chance of being ADEQUATE, let alone being anything good. You're welcome, Minnesota, we'll take that salary dump off your hands.
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February 25, 2012 2:23 PM ET | Delete
Don't be so melodramatic. Devils have plenty of cap space, and while i personally didn't like this move either, it's not the end of the world in terms of impact as far as the salary cap goes. If he turns it on, Devils win the trade. If he doesn't, I didn't have them picked to move past the 1st round anyway. Period. So at least Lou made an effort without giving up actual roster players.
February 25, 2012 5:44 PM ET | Delete
Zidlicky has been benched and hasn't agreed with Yeo.The Wild don't have the forwards we do and their power play has been just as bad as ours, he is a good defenseman who has topped 50 points and put up 40 points the two seasons prior to this. It is a good trade, and we gave up barely anything for it.
February 25, 2012 7:05 PM ET | Delete
Let the guy play a game before ya judge em seesh
February 27, 2012 7:00 AM ET | Delete
Regularized stats:Zidlicky 2G 20A -8 Team value: 0.93, played 140ish mins on powerplay.Taormina 4g 25a 7 Team value: 1.01 played 16ish mins on powerplay.That means Taormina's numbers would be even better if he got powerplay time.
February 27, 2012 7:03 AM ET | Delete
Team value: 1 if offensively adequate (depends on minutes played, not games played), less than 1 if offensive liability, more than 1 if offensively productive. 1.1 is all star 1.05 is skilled. .88 is the worst an NHL player can put up (few go lower than .91).
February 27, 2012 11:36 AM ET | Delete
Wow, what a poor usage of statistics. Why don't you manipulate and interpret the numbers more.
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