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Nash Brownies

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A lot of speculation out there about two good right wingers. Well some call Nash a left winger, but on NHL.com, he's a right winger. I figured LA was going to trade Brown right away as soon as they got Richards, but they kept him... I didn't understand why they dealt for another captain type player, and now that their offense is leashed, they're starting to see it themselves.

As for Nash, I don't even think he should be moved, but if a team makes a desperate enough offer, now is the time to strike. A lot of pundits would rather see him moved during the summer, but CBJ would simply need a Nash type player after they get rid of him, so they're not going to be doing anything more other than shuffling the deck unless they get three good prospects AND a first rounder (6-15) in return.

Toronto - Burke's likely going to pass on Nash; I don't see how he could possibly agree to the price tag on him. Toronto however might swing a deal with the Los Angeles Kings to acquire both Bernier and Brown; I'd be guessing Kulemin would be going the other way as part of the deal and possibly one of the two goaltenders they have now, as well as a d-man like Schenn. I still would be tentative about agreeing to such a deal. However, Toronto might consider guys like Krejci, Ribeiro, Stastny, and Gagne as potential centers to get for their top line.

NYRangers - They're sniffing around on both right wingers, but I think they're just trying to make sure that other teams don't get these players come playoff time. The Rangers are likely going to take themselves out of the running for Nash if they know that no one else in the east is hunting him, and they're going to be in the market for Brown as long as say, New Jersey and Pittsburgh and Boston are sniffing around for him as well. Think of the year Carolina acquired Doug Weight just to make sure others didn't.

LA - If LA is looking to trade Brown, I wonder if they're still in on Nash and just looking for pieces of a deal that might help them acquire Nash. It's a wild speculation, but has some validity.

Philadelphia - I don't see why they would want either player. I said they were done dealing before they acquired Kubina... NOW I think they're done dealing.

Boston - Said to be in on Brown. Not exactly sure what the kings are looking for. I'm not sure what Boston would be willing to part with. Think they're just kicking tires.

New Jersey - NJ wouldn't mind a second line right winger and Brown fits the mold, but given all the competition out for Brown right now, they might wait until that settles down before making an offer without trading away too much. Might also upset the team's players to make those kinds of changes at Forward.

Vancouver - Also said to have interest in Brown, which makes way more sense. However, the Kings are going to want players that I'm not sure Vancouver's going to want to part with. You're not going to win Brown with guys like Malhotra and Raymond... Hodgson would probably be part of the asking price.

Buffalo - This team needs to think sell, not buy. They have contracts to get rid of lest they continue this nightmare season they're having with that kind of loaded locker room. What they'd give LA is probably too much of a shift in LA's chemistry (a few players rather than just a one-for-one swap).
---- outside possibilities -----
Montreal - Going for Brown might fit the team they're trying to build as they've shifted their system this year. Subban could be dangled, but not so sure they'd go that far without wanting to make a more serious trade.

Nashville - Nashville should be sniffing around at any top 6 forward available in the market. However, they wouldn't make great trading partners with the Kings.

End prediction: Brown I believe is definitely getting moved and it's going to be to a team that's in the playoffs. Nash I don't think is getting moved at all.
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