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"Quasi GM"
Moncton, NB • Canada • 37 Years Old • Male
The very constitution is about to be rewritten! They're trying to destroy our social liberties, the freedom we sacrificed countless lives to obtain! We knew this was going to happen! We knew that they were going to try to trick us as soon as we signed that last CBA that rolled back 24% of our salaries!

Rollback 24% more of our salaries, I tell you! We will NOT be limited. We want to be able to sign 12 year contracts that ensure us that no matter how much we "Gomez out" in the latter part of those years, we'll still be paid big bucks because we held the competitiveness of a team hostage! Everyone should be signed for 15 years! And not only that, if we don't like where we are, we submit a list of teams to our GMs to make us even more untradeable unless they get a really bad deal!

Who should stand in our way?! Owners?! GMs no longer able to do their jobs! They GAVE us these contracts! Of course they did, because if they didn't, we'd have gone off to play for the Flyers or the Rangers as part of an overpaid all star team that ruins the balance and parity of the sport and generates less interest as a whole in the game except for fans of those select few organizations!

Why... we won these rights!

We won the right for Roberto Luongo to refuse a trade to any team except the Toronto Maple Leafs because a better goaltender has come along and he's still owed way too many millions of dollars! We won that right to handcuff Mike Gillis into the option of paying him that money to be a backup goaltender, or making another team into a playoff contender but getting shady prospects back in return! Let me tell you, if Luongo wouldn't have been paid over that many years, he would have only accepted a three year deal! No such thing as a five year deal?! What's this nonsense... we want our choice! Stanley Cup opportunity or comfortable living for the rest of our lives! What's this about "competitive sport"??

We won the right for Rick Nash to submit five teams to his GM in claims "he wants to help the team by leaving" so that cuts off the competitiveness of the deals that come in leaving the GM with any intelligent options! Pfft! Why should GMs have power after all?! Yet, when we're free agents, we should have intelligent options and make people bid and gamble on our services like they're gambling at a casino to try to make their money back in playoff revenues! When it comes to trading us?! NEVER! We get traded where we want, bro! We're the ones with the power!

We won the right for Scott Gomez to be paid more than five million dollars a year to score two goals and be, at best, a third line center for the latter three years of his contract! After all, those signing him thought he was going to be a first line center according to what his stats indicated. Suckers! GMs should be better prophets than that!

They gave us these contracts! They wouldn't have if they wanted to be bottom dwellers in the NHL! And hey, these gambles paid off for some teams and not for others, but that means they have good GMs and the ones that overpaid us? They have bad GMs!

And if they DON'T want to take gambles?! We force them to! Just ask the Nashville Predators who were handcuffed into giving their all-star player a ridiculous sum of cash this year because another team set their contract for them, and also lost another free agent because of another impossible and stupid contract! And best yet, most of Weber's first two years of salaries are from a "signing bonus" that he gets paid despite the lockout!

After all, a GM can build a cup winner one year, and then do no such thing when the market gets too stupid and he refuses to make stupid gambles! Ask Brian Burke, who's not tasted the playoffs since he started GMing the Leafs! We DEMAND that you gamble on us or you won't make the playoffs!

... now you see the reason the NHL is strict about contracting rights? They want to give power back to the GMs in the league, who can actually MANAGE their team. Colorado and the Leafs don't sign stupid deals. They also aren't making the playoffs very often these days. NJ signed a stupid "Kovalchuk" deal and he was their leading point-getter in their playoff run to the finals. Yet, if all 30 teams signed Kovalchuk deals, still only 16 of them make the playoffs, and 14 of them are mortgaging their future. Players have way too much power in the current system and they're afraid to relinquish that power, but the truth is... they have to. And a deal will not come until they do.
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